How to Throw A Family-Friendly NYE Party

October 04, 2019 | Food Lion
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How to Throw a Family-Friendly NYE Party

When you're ringing in the New Year with kids, it helps to have a plan. Fortunately, you have lots of options, from attending local celebrations to starting early to filling the night with crafts and games. With these family-friendly New Year's Eve ideas, you're ready to get started.

Check Out Your Town's Celebrations

Many cities host family-friendly New Year's Eve parties with tons of activities. When attending, arrive early and have a plan for the events that are at the top of everyone's list. Don't try to do it all, which can be overwhelming. Do plan for traffic and parking. Consider making an early visit before heading home for your own party.

Stay in and Start the Countdown Early

If the little ones won't make it to midnight, host the party early. Do a countdown to noon so the kids can ring in the New Year, or choose any time that works for your family. Set a clock to show the midnight hour so that you can do a traditional countdown.

Get Crafty and Make Your Own Hats and Noisemakers

Kids love to make noise, so make it even more exciting by making your own noisemakers. Gather bells, rice, popcorn kernels, and dried beans. Fill plastic storage containers with the fillers and pop on the lids. Tape the lids on tightly by wrapping tape around the entire container to prevent accidental spills. Decorate these shakers with markers and glitter. For the hats, pick up paper hats at the craft store. Use your art supplies to create masterpieces.

Have a Finger Food Menu

When it's New Year's Eve, why not make the menu unusual? Serve a variety of finger foods and snacks that are different from the normal dinner. You can go with favorites but make everything bite-sized. Slice up small squares of pizza. Offer crunchy raw veggies and cheese cut into small triangles. Mini bagels can serve as buns for burgers. Slice grilled cheese sandwiches into dippers and serve with ranch dressing or small bowls of tomato soup.

Go Formal

Have a fancy dinner with the whole family. Dress up in your finest and light candles at the table. Set the table and serve everything in style. The kids will love feeling like they're visiting a special restaurant.

Make Family Videos

Make a video of your family and interview each member. Ask about their year and the highlights. Ask everyone to talk about the New Year and any resolutions. Make it a tradition. Think about how fun it'll be to watch these on future New Year's Eves.

Whatever you choose, making New Year's Eve family-friendly is easy. Pace it out and enjoy a kid-friendly party with great activities and snacks.


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