Keep Your Flowers Fresher, Longer

April 24, 2018 | Food Lion
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Flowers are fantastic. That is all. Well, no, that is not really all, but you get idea. We love them! The aroma a fresh bouquet of flowers can bring to a room is simply divine. They are, without a doubt, an automatic mood booster. All good things must come to an end though, but why do flowers seem to wilt and lose their sheen in such a short amount of time? We'll there's actually a few different factors that could be aiding in the destruction of your beautiful blooms. Check them out below so you can make your next bouquet smell, look and feel fresher for longer!

1. Make sure your vase is super clean before you start. Let's walk before we learn how to run and start with the vase. This tip can often be overlooked since you think it's just going to be getting dirty anyways. While this might be true, give your flowers a nice home by giving the vase a quick rinse with some soap and water.

2. Pour about 2 tablespoons of sugar and splash of white vinegar or bleach into the water. The carbohydrates in the sugar feed the stems while the vinegar or bleach deters the growth of bacteria in the water.

3. Trim all leaves to above the water line. Speaking of growing bacteria…leaves left in the water can break down and aid in the growth of bacteria.

4. Trim each stem at a 45 degree angle and submerge immediately. This is one of those tips that will sound like a no-brainer after you read it but you would maybe never think to do it. Trimming the stems at an angle increases the surface area, which in turn lets more water soak into the stems.

5. Don't overcrowd the vase. This one is simple. Flowers are selfish and like their personal space for more room to breathe.

6. Find a cool area away from direct sunlight. While the sun is a flower's best friend (don't worry water, flowers have multiple best friends) they need time apart.

7. Lastly, change the water daily. This one is also pretty straightforward and pretty well known. Fresh water = the best water. Also, give the stems a fresh cut every couple of days.

While some upkeep might be required, we're pretty sure you'll be happy with the outcome. Enjoy your fresher flowers!


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