5 Valentine's Day Projects for You and the Kids

October 02, 2018 | Food Lion
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Valentine’s Day is almost here and love is in the air and that, of course, includes your love for your family, too. This holiday, enjoy the greatest gift of all, quality time with the people you love most. In this blog, we’ll discuss fun things you can do with your kiddos, from decorating festive treats to making homemade Valentine’s Day crafts! Some may even help your little ones practice their fine motor skills while also having a blast. 

Ready to get started with a Valentine’s Day project? Here are five easy activities you may want to try this year.

1. Cookie Decorating

Girls hand decorating cookies on cooling rack, sprinles wood table

Pick up a roll of sugar cookie dough from your local Food Lion and grab your heart-shaped cookie cutters for our first Valentine’s Day project idea - cookie decorating. Not only is this activity engaging and fun, but it also leaves you with a festive dessert you can enjoy together. 

Start by rolling out the dough and let your kids stamp out different sized hearts. Next, bake them and allow the cookies to cool fully. While they’re sitting on the cooling rack, set up a few bowls of toppings like pink and red frosting, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips and small Valentine’s Day candies like conversation hearts. 

Have a favorite sugar cookie recipe? Feel free to use that instead of premade dough!

2. Valentine’s Box

Get out an old shoebox (or any box will do, even a cereal box) and a bunch of different items to decorate with things such as sequins, stickers, tissue paper, glitter, gift bows and so on. Cover the outside of the box with heart wrapping paper or even pink construction paper and let your kids decorate the afternoon away. 

Then, have your family write their Valentine’s Day messages to one another and place them in the box. Once everyone finishes, you can then read the sweet cards together and celebrate the holiday.

3. Homemade Fingerpaint Art

Colorful homemade fingerpaint Art, craft table, pots of colored paint, platsic plate

What parent doesn't swoon over a cute project that includes prints of tiny hands and feet and playfully drawn plants and animals? All it takes is a little washable paint and a few sheets of paper. You can make red flowers out of handprints, fingerprints or footprints and festive hearts from two thumbprints next to each other. The possibilities are endless. Write your child’s age under their artwork and it becomes the perfect keepsake for years to come.

And did you know you could make your own non-toxic paint at home with three simple ingredients you probably have in your pantry? That’s right! All you need is a cup of flour, a cup of water and food coloring. Mix up your colors and you’re ready to start painting. However, with this homemade paint, we recommend having your kids wear gloves or use paintbrushes.

4. Make Your Own Snack Mix

It’s a fact! Kids love to "cook," and as parents, we appreciate it when the preparation doesn't involve actual cooking, right? Making a trail mix or snack mix they can bag up, share with you and their siblings and snack on throughout the week is so much fun — and will also help with counting and measuring. 

So, gather three to four snack items, such as pink and red M&M’sⓇ, mini marshmallows, pretzels (heart-shaped if available) and cereal. Have your kids measure out different amounts into a large bowl, mix together and it's ready to divvy up in the bags. Buy themed plastic bags and you have the perfect holiday treat. Or, if you don’t have any Valentine’s Day-specific bags, decorate resealable snack bags with heart- and flower-shaped stickers.

5. Heart-Warming Window Decorations

Haoppy girl making window decorations, cut red papper, bottles of yellow and purple paint, glue stick

Kids love a reason to decorate the windows, and parents love a teachable moment. Cutting out various sized hearts from construction paper is an excellent way for kids to practice fine motor skills. Take it one step further and have them write messages on the hearts (like candy conversation hearts), or simply decorate them with markers before you hang them up.

Want to make this activity even more heart-warming? Whip up a batch of Pink Hot Chocolate and sip on your sweet and cozy drink while you decorate. To make it, you’ll need four cups of milk, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, eight ounces of white chocolate chips, two tablespoons of red food coloring and marshmallows (heart-shaped for an extra festive cup). Mix the first four ingredients in a saucepan and simmer until the white chocolate has melted. Then, add the food coloring, remove from the heat, pour the hot cocoa into your mugs and top with marshmallows. So simple and delicious!

There you have it! We’ve revealed five kid-friendly Valentine’s Day projects you can do together as a family to celebrate the holiday. No matter which idea you choose, you’ll surely have some fun and make wonderful memories to look back on for years to come. Who knows, maybe some will become Valentine’s Day traditions in your household! And if you need more Valentine’s Day inspiration, check out our other blogs on the subject on our Fresh Ideas portal

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