Local Goodness - Crown Orchards

July 26, 2019 | Food Lion
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Crown Orchards

Local Goodness - Crown Orchards

Crown Orchard Company in Covesville, Va., is best known for their soft, sweet peaches, which are so juicy you may want to eat them over the sink.

For more than 100 years, Crown Orchard Company has been run and operated by the same family in this idyllic community in Virginia’s Albemarle County, located about 15 miles southwest Charlottesville, Va. “I am the 4th generation,” stated Cynthia Chiles, who works in retail operations for Crown Orchard. “My dad, Henry, is the mastermind and my mom is the biggest cheerleader.”

Fresh produce grown by Crown Orchard – including their famous yellow peaches, donut peaches and nectarines– are proudly sold in more than 215 Food Lion stores, and like Food Lion, Crown Orchard takes tremendous pride in their connection to the communities in which their products are sold.

Food Lion and Crown Orchards relationship has been built over the last 30 years. Food Lion continues to work closely with Crown Orchards to provide the best produce for our customers in local stores. “Crown Orchards really appreciates partnerships like the one we have with Food Lion that will take the time to come out to the farm, see the packing operation and get to know our family and business, which is always important and has been passed down from generation to generation,” stated Chilies.

Chilies said that appreciation is critical when it comes to caring for customers

“Once you have an appreciation for the farm then you can share that with the folks that will come into the store,” expressed Chilies. “This is something Food Lion does very well.”

And one thing Crown Orchard does very well is get their products to Food Lion stores quickly, ensuring maximum freshness.

Crown Orchards goal is to provide Food Lion the freshest and best produce as quickly as they can. It only takes a few short days for their produce to be picked, come into the packing house, go through the packing line and onto a truck.

They do this with the help of new solar power panels installed all over the farm, decreasing their carbon footprint every day. 

That is why Being a good neighbor is important to Crown Orchard, and they understand the importance of everyone being able to enjoy fresh, local produce.  That’s why they frequently donate to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, The Heart Association, area fire departments and local schools.

“We are always happy to donate and help our communities,” stated Chilies.

Community is deeply important to both Food Lion and Crown Orchard, so it’s fitting the partnership has been so strong.

From peaches to potatoes and everything in between, Food Lion is proud to offer locally-sourced products grown and produced in the towns and cities we serve.

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