Lynchburg Mobile Distribution Event Had a Surprise Ending

June 18, 2019 | Food Lion
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Lynchburg Mobile Distribution Event Had a Surprise Ending

Grocery shopping is one of those responsibilities that most people budget for, but imagine if missing a paycheck meant that you had to choose between rent or groceries.  While that may seem like a distant possibility to most, it’s not an uncommon choice for many of our neighbors living on a fixed income.  After March SNAP benefits were paid out in early February due to the recent partial government shutdown, SNAP recipients in Lynchburg, Va. knew they needed to stretch those dollars as far as possible and in many cases, find additional ways to nourish their families. 

Enter Parkview Community Missions, a food pantry in Lynchburg that distributes food every Thursday in partnership with Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Recognizing that there may be an increase in the number of people that visit the food pantry, Blue Ridge Area Food Bank reached out to Food Lion to help support their feeding efforts at their next distribution. 

On Thursday, February 21, Food Lion associates went to Parkview to provide families with a Food Lion gift card at the end of their shopping trip.  “At the end of the day, we’re here to help our neighbors nourish their families and set them up for success in life” said Larry Cassels, Food Lion Director of Operations for the Lynchburg area.     

Approximately $2,500 in gift cards were given out that afternoon, which many of the families were not expecting to receive. 

“It was rather emotional for us participating in the event. Those we provided gift cards to were not only surprised but so thankful for what more this could mean for their families. We received several hugs from families, parents and children. Tears in some cases because the gift cards were going to enable them to buy additional meat to go with the meal they could now prepare. I know our team was both honored and humbled to be a part of this event,” Cassels said. 

“It was wonderful, and you could just tell how thankful the neighbors were to receive a gift with no strings!” exclaimed Kristi West from Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. 

Food Lion is proud to support the towns and cities we serve and make an impact in the fight against hunger.  As long as Lynchburg area residents know they can always count on Food Lion, than we’ve done our job. 

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