New Year's Eve Party Ideas

December 11, 2018 | Food Lion
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30 New Year's Eve Party Ideas

New Year's Eve is known as one of the most calorie-filled holidays there is thanks to our intake of alcohol and appetizers throughout the night and early morning hours, according to You can make your New Year's Eve party memorable with these ideas that go beyond standing around the bar and television waiting for the ball to drop. From family-friendly themes and decorations to games and recipes, we'll help you ring in a healthier new year, whether you're spending it with two or 20-plus guests.

New Year's Eve Party Themes and Decorations:

Champagne-tasting party: Just like a wine-tasting party, you can have a few champagne bottles from around the world to taste. Don't forget the caviar and crackers to complete the elegance.

  • New Year's in Paris: Indulge without travel. Create a Parisian-styled party with French cuisine and drinks plus Eiffel Tower decor.
  • New Year's in Times Square: There's no need to fight the crowds and inconveniences when you recreate New York City's Times Square in your home or venue. Set up Big Apple decor, serve Manhattan-style food (think hot dogs, hot pretzels with mustard, and gyros), and hang up a disco ball that drops at midnight.
  • Elegant New Year's Colors: For a sophisticated color theme, stick to blush pink, white, and gold colors for an adult-centric party.
  • Capture the Memories: Create a photo booth to commemorate the night. Have everyone do selfies in front of a display or hire a family member — even your kids — to take photos throughout the night. Create a party-specific hashtag so people can share their snaps on social media.
  • Black-and-White Ball: Carry the color theme from food to fashion to decor. Send elegant black-and-white invites, have everyone dress in black and white only, decorate in black and white, and serve as many themed foods and drinks as you can think of. How about oversized black-and-white cookies?
  • Glow the Night: Ideal for kids and teens, a glow party with neon foods and drinks, plus glow accessories like necklaces, makes for a fun event. Ask everyone to dress in black. Put black light bulbs in all your light fixtures.
  • White Lights, Candles, and Glitter: That's essentially all you need for a magical New Year's Eve party. Hang strands of white lights, put them in jars and bowls, light white candles, and serve food on tableware and linens that are glittery. Make foods with edible glitter, like cupcakes with glitter icing, to complete the look.
  • The Last Feast: Before honoring all of those New Year's resolutions, throw a feast. Ask everyone to bring a guilty-pleasure, indulgent dish or item to add to the feast.
  • New Year's Pampering Party: Throw a spa night for your besties. Relax, pamper yourselves, and celebrate New Year's in your most luxurious robes after a night of mani-pedis and facials.

New Year's Eve Party Games:

  • Answer This Question: Go around the room and have everyone finish the following sentence: "In the coming year, I will . . ."
  • Pop Culture Trivia: Come up with 20 trivia questions about events that happened throughout the year. Keep it cultural, political (if you dare), or personal.
  • New Year's Sparklers: If weather permits, go outside at the stroke of midnight and light up the sky with safe, handheld sparklers.
  • Reading Resolutions: Have everyone write down a resolution and put it in a hat. Everyone chooses one to read out loud and guess who wrote it.
  • New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt: Hide New Year's Eve-themed items around the party space, such as a plastic champagne glass, New Year's greeting card, New Year's party hat, a noisemaker, and a calendar for the year. The guest who finds the most takes home a prize.
  • Best Moments: Print out cards that say "best conversation I had this year," "best meal I had this year," and more. Have guests pick a card and share responses.
  • New Year's Mad Libs: Look for printables online and laugh till your belly hurts.

New Year's Eve Party Recipe Ideas:

  • Invite family and friends to a midnight brunch. Serve favorite breakfast and lunch foods. Include a mimosa-and-champagne bar. For kids, have a soda-and-juice bar.
  • Make a large cheese-and-meat charcuterie tray to last the night.
  • Make a large dessert buffet so everyone can sample sweets.
  • Serve good luck appetizers that include beans, pork, and greens that resemble folded money.
  • Festive Stuffed Bread: Unroll 1 tube of refrigerated French bread dough, season with pepper, and cover the dough with prosciutto. Roll it into a log. Twist and shape the log into a circle. Pinch the ends. Place it on baking sheet with parchment paper. Brush the loaf with olive oil and bake it for 20 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until golden. Brush with more oil and bake for 5 more minutes.
  • Health Nut Menu: Serve only the healthiest versions of items. Make avocado deviled eggs, chocolate-covered almonds, and a black bean dip.
  • Bake New Year's Champagne Glass Cookies: Find cookie cutters in the shape of champagne flutes and bake sugar cookies. Frost them with gold and white icing. Use edible gold dust for the champagne and white for the bubbles.
  • Indulge in champagne goodies for your New Year's Eve party:
  • Bake Pink Champagne Cookies. For adults only, these sugar cookies are splashed with a bit of champagne.
  • Drink Champagne Floats, but for kids, swap in sparkling pink lemonade.
  • Make the easiest Champagne Cheese Spread.
  • Bake Sparkling Champagne Cupcakes with glitter.
  • Serve Champagne Turkey Meatballs as appetizers.
  • Whip up Champagne Cake Balls to serve with champagne.

For more New Year's recipes, log onto You'll even find budget-friendly alternatives to champagne for your party.


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