Nourishing Our Communities is Our Calling - Hanmi Fann

June 18, 2019 | Food Lion
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Nourishing Our Communities is Our Calling – Hanmi Fann

Meet Hanmi Fann, Food Lion Manager of E-Commerce. This is her story:

Why do you think ending hunger is an important goal? 

It’s unacceptable in today’s environment that anyone should go without food and everyone should have the right to nutritious meals.

Why is it important for you to volunteer at Food Lion Feeds events? 

Being a part of Food Lion Feeds, allows me an opportunity to reflect on childhood memories and of times we were a food insecure home and all those who helped in our time of need. Food Lion Feeds not only provides nutritious food but also actively strives to break down social stigmas that many in need of food aid are succumb to. It’s important in someone’s time of need, that they are met with dignity and care. I’m incredibly thankful to pay both forward.

How does participating in a Food Lion Feeds event make you feel? 

My heart overflows with joy to see the happiness and relief that this act of kindness can provide. I believe that many work daily to find purpose in life and strive to inspire change and often people forget that even the smallest things matter. One smile, one embrace, one person, one meal, it matters. I feel proud to represent Food Lion Feeds belief in that.

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