Nourishing Our Neighbors in Charlotte, North Carolina

June 18, 2019 | Food Lion
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Nourishing Our Neighbors in Charlotte, North Carolina

With SNAP benefits for March being paid out in early February as a result of the recent partial government shutdown, many of our neighbors in Charlotte had to find ways to nourish their families on a tight budget.

Every month, Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina staff and volunteers hold a mobile pantry distribution Albemarle Road Elementary School for community members in need. On average, they see about 100 families each distribution.

For the February 21st distribution, Food Lion partnered with the food bank to deliver something extra special for our neighbors. After recipients checked in and received their Food Lion Feeds bag, they were greeted by local Food Lion associates who provided them with Food Lion gift cards to assist in nourishing their family. Approximately $6,000 in gift cards were handed out that afternoon to more than 150 SNAP families.

But it wasn’t just the impact with our neighbors that was felt Thursday though. It really made a strong impact on our associates. Assistant Store Manager Chris Grub, from the Food Lion at 8100 Idlewild Rd. in Charlotte, commented at how emotional and impactful the event was to him personally, and how  rewarded he felt to work for a company that was impacting its community. Hugs were shared and tears were shed.

Food Lion believes no one should have to choose between dinner and rent, or gas and groceries, and we know that far too many of our neighbors in the towns and cities we serve are forced to make those incredibly difficult choices every day. Ending hunger in our communities is fundamental for Food Lion. It’s a part of our fabric; it’s who we are. And we’re proud to give back to our neighbors in need.

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