Picnic Like a Pro

April 18, 2018 | Food Lion
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Who doesn’t love enjoying some fresh air while eating a tasty meal with your family? That’s why having a picnic in the backyard is a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones. But, we’ve all been there - the ground was surprisingly wet, a stray bug finding its way into your drink or running out of space in the picnic basket. Luckily, we have some picnic ideas that can help you make sure your family picnic is nothing but good times.

Picnic Idea #1 - Protect Your Picnic Blanket

So you've picked out the perfect picnic spot and you've laid out your blanket and taken a seat. The grass looked to be dry, but was the ground? Oops, guess not. Don't worry though, we have a tip that can help. To keep your blanket from getting a little damp, lay a shower curtain or large trash bag down on the ground before placing your picnic blanket on top.

Picnic Idea #2 - Use Frozen Fruit as Ice Cubes

All that work getting your blanket down at the right spot (and keeping it nice and dry) has worked up quite a thirst, right? Well, this isn't any ordinary lunch you're having. Jazz up that boring water with some refreshing, fabulously delicious frozen fruit (like strawberries, blueberries and melon) in place of ice cubes. That way, your drink doesn’t get watered down in the sun. 

Picnic Idea #3: Make Some Sandwich Skewers

Raise your hand if you like a squished sandwich. No one raised their hands? Exactly! Traditional sandwiches tend to not transport well in a picnic basket, especially when packing heavier items like fresh fruit and potato salad. But, we've got just the tip to make sure you'll be chowing down on a perfectly pristine sandwich, every time. Separate the ingredients on skewers and then assemble your sandwiches at your picnic. 

Picnic Idea #4: Use a Muffin Tray for Condiments  

Ketchup, mustard and mayo are all essential condiments but space is tight in your picnic basket, looks like you'll have to choose one. Think again! We've got the perfect picnic idea so nothing gets left behind. Rather than bringing the whole containers or bottles of your favorite condiments, squeeze what you need into compartments on a muffin tray. Then, cover with food wrap and voila - you’ve saved some space in your basket! 

Picnic Idea #5: Use Cupcake Liners to Protect Your Drinks from Buggy Visitors

Bugs and drinks don’t go together, right? So, grab some cupcake liners and poke a hole in them for your straws. Then, place the cupcake liner over the top of your drink and enjoy your bug-free refreshment

Picnic Idea #6: Keep the Bees Away

Poke some holes in an empty water bottle and fill with a sugary liquid. Once filled, hang the bottle near your picnic spot. This will attract bees and wasps and keep them away from where you and your family are having your tasty meal. 

Picnic Idea #7: Keep Your Food Cool

Fill resealable sandwich bags with ice and place them on one side of your picnic basket. Store your cold items, like salads and condiments, with the ice to keep them cool while picnicking.

With these picnic ideas, you’re ready to enjoy some family time in the great outdoors with a tasty meal. But, those aren’t all of the tips we have! Check out the infographic below.

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