Red Velvet Recipe Ideas - Beyond Just Cake

February 14, 2018 | Food Lion
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Red velvet cake is as popular for its looks as it is for its flavors. Known for its bright red color, subtle chocolate flavor, and cream cheese frosting, it is a go-to dessert for special occasions. For those of you who can't get enough of red velvet cake, there's good news--the classic components of red velvet cake can be enjoyed in many different foods. The addition of cocoa powder and cream cheese frosting can turn almost any treat into a tribute to red velvet cake. Here are just 5 examples of ways to enjoy red velvet that go beyond the traditional cake.

1. Pancakes. Start your day right with a breakfast that is as decadent as dessert. The best part is that you can alter any of your favorite pancake recipes to taste like red velvet cake. Mix in a tablespoon of cocoa powder and enough red food coloring to reach your desired color. Substitute a dollop of homemade or store-bought cream cheese frosting for the maple syrup.

2. Donuts. The next time you want to indulge in the morning, try a donut with a red velvet twist. Food Lion Recipes offers an easy-to-follow recipe for a classic donut that is sure to satisfy your red velvet cravings.

3. Macarons. These French sandwich cookies are traditionally made with almond flour, and are gluten free. The addition of a tablespoon of cocoa and red food color turns the cookies into a red velvet treat. Filling the cookies with a cream cheese frosting will remind you of red velvet cake with every bite.

4. Rice Krispie Treats. The classic treat made from Kellogg's Rice Krispies and marshmallows is made even more delicious with the addition of red velvet flavors. When following the traditional Kellogg's recipe, simply add a box of red velvet cake mix.

5. Whoopie Pies. The whoopie pie is a delightful treat that sandwiches a sweet filling between two cookies. They can be can made in a variety of flavors, but your new favorite will surely be red velvet. A recipe idea from the Food Lion Recipes cleverly uses boxed red velvet cake mix for quick and easy cookies.


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