Spooky Welcome: 10 Ways to Decorate Your Front Door for Halloween

October 12, 2018 | Food Lion
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Send a message that your house is open for Halloween business with clever and fun decorations. Make your door the centerpiece of your trick-or-treat display, whether it's extra spooky or sweet and simple. The best part: You can decorate your front door affordably and still make a major impact. And it's easy for your kids to participate in executing your vision.

1. A ghost of a decoration

Have a white front door? Let your kids practice their scissoring skills by cutting out a simple black mouth, eyes, and eyebrows and gently taping them to the door.

2. Mummy's the word

Mummy wrapping isn't easy but, with teamwork, you and your kids you can make this fun Halloween door come to life. All you need are white streamers and some arm strength to wrap and wrap your door. Add two big eyes to complete the look.

3. By the letter

Remind little ghosts and goblins what to say when they reach your front door, and give your kids a spelling lesson. Hang “Trick or Treat" vertically in large letters from the top to the bottom of the door. You can use painted wooden letters (for a long-term decorative investment), or stick with good old construction paper.

4. Frankenstein's fine

Drape your favorite color of streamers over the top of your door for Frankenstein's hair. Use masking tape for a stitched-up mouth, scar, and eyebrows. Two paper plates and a black marker to make eyes complete the look, no matter what color your front door or paper supplies.

5. Get webbed

Are you handy with masking tape? Mimic a spider's web on your front door of any color and don't forget to add an over-sized, hairy spider crawling daintily through its web.

6. Meow is right

Have a little Catwoman in your home? Use your black door and embellish outside of its perimeter with cat ears and a flicking tail cut from poster board. Use more poster board, plates, or tape for whiskers, eyes, and a nose.

7. A Jack of a time

Have a length of orange paper to cover your entire door? Go for it and create a giant Jack o'lantern. Add half a face made with wrapping paper or construction paper for a cheeky grin.

8. Monster madness

Task your kids with cutting out circles for spots for your monster door decoration. Add horns stretching from the top of your door, one giant eyeball, and a goofy grin. All paper products can make this one happen easily with a little dedication.

9. Drac is back

If you really want to make Dracula fun and not scary, draw a giant heart and attach it to the door. Use craft paper to add hair, a bow tie, a face, and, most importantly, a stellar set of fangs dripping blood.

10. Scarecrow it down

Prefer less in-your-face Halloween décor? A scarecrow might just be the ticket. Triangle-shaped piece of paper for a nose – don't forget to “stitch" it on with masking tape – a crooked mouth also made with tape. Black eyes. And, if you can swing it, the creation of a huge floppy construction-paper hat to cover the top of the door frame.

Little ghouls and goblins will either feel a warm welcome or a cold hello when they reach the door of your Halloween abode. Remember, October 31 is supposed to be fun – welcome your neighbors in the best way possible, but don't apologize for your creativity along the way.

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