Stocking Stuffers That Cut Down On Junk

December 03, 2018 | Food Lion
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Choosing Stocking Stuffers That Cut Down on Junk

It's time to hang the stockings with care. How can you fill the stockings with holiday cheer but cut down on items your loved ones won't really need? The key is choosing things each recipient often uses — but with a special holiday twist. Here are some helpful tips on making your stocking stuffer selections.

Follow a Theme

Finding small treasures that follow a theme is an easy way to create joyful surprises without waste. A breakfast lover might enjoy a stocking filled with pancake mix, flavored syrups, and a variety of oatmeal packets. Choose a coffee mug and assorted coffee bean roasts, too. Someone who often travels for work might like travel-sized toiletries, tissue packs, and hand sanitizer. Toss in popcorn, flavored salts, and a DVD for a movie-themed stocking. College kids love gift cards. They also appreciate things that save them money and a trip to the store, such as toothpaste and deodorant.

Focus on Holiday Versions of Everyday Products

When you're trying to find something special but you don't want to buy just to buy, stock up on favorite products in holiday versions. Choose holiday lotions, shampoos, and soaps with scents like pumpkin or peppermint. To please a sweet tooth, fill the stocking up with holiday versions of their favorite candies.

Never Go Wrong with Food

Everyone loves snacks and treats, so these won't create piles of unused junk. For the crossfitter, grab flavored jerkies, nuts, and dried fruits. Snacks like pretzel rods and flavored mustards fill up those stockings with savory goodness. Single-serve sizes of snacks and drink powders, dip mixes, and mints are tasty options.

Spice It Up

The aspiring cook in your life will enjoy a variety of spices, salts, and peppers to experiment with in their next gourmet creation. Grab a few hot sauces and a gift card for a dinner at a tasty Mexican restaurant.

Picking Helpful Bits

When avoiding junk and waste, you can mix a few special items in with things that get everyday use. Mix holiday candies with things like gift cards, pens, tissue packs, tealights, scented hand soaps, and mini flashlights.

Cut down on waste by avoiding junk and filling stockings with things that are festive and useful. Hone in on the items you can put a festive spin on — but that your loved ones also need and will definitely use.


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