Tailgating 101: Don't Forget These Non-Food Essentials

March 01, 2019 | Food Lion
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Tailgating 101: Don't Forget These Non-Food Necessities

Tailgating is a tradition that goes back to the Civil War, long before the first football game. According to Vice Sports, civilians arrived with food and alcohol to witness the first Battle of Bull Run, fought between Confederate and Union soldiers. These days, tailgate parties are purely sporting pastimes where participants eat, drink, and celebrate their favorite teams. While any respectable tailgate party calls for a portable grill, camp chairs, and a large cooler, there are a number of other non-food essentials required to keep the festivities going. You can find most of these tailgate necessities at your local Food Lion.

Grilling Essentials

At a tailgate party, there are certain items that master grillers can't do without. When it comes to good grilling, the experts at Tailgate Master recommend the following:

  • Tongs
  • A grilling fork
  • A spatula
  • Sauce brushes
  • Grilling mitts
  • Skewers
  • A meat thermometer
  • Disposable aluminum pans
  • A cutting board
  • Cook spray


Paper Products

When considering what to bring to a tailgate party, don't forget paper products. Stock up on lots of napkins for sauce-smeared faces, and sturdy paper plates to hold ribs, wings, burgers, brats, and other dishes. Don't forget a few rolls of paper towels and spray cleaner for heavy-duty cleanup.


Food Storage Goods


If you're a typical tailgater, you're known for your big spreads. That sometimes means lots of leftovers. For quick and easy cleanup, bring along sturdy food storage containers for leftover salads and desserts. Wrap meats in heavy-duty aluminum foil or place in gallon-size freezer bags for delicious next-day eats.


Comfort Items

Among your many other tailgating needs are a few items essential to your guests' comfort. For warm, sunny days, pack a few large umbrellas and plenty of sunscreen and mosquito repellant. Keep canned beer and soda ice cold with beverage cozies, and bring a small first aid kit equipped with antacids, pain relievers, Band-Aids, and antiseptic wipes. To keep the music playing, don't forget extra batteries for your portable outdoor speaker.

Once you have all your non-food essentials, it's time to shop for the grub. For inspiration, here are just a few of the tailgating snacks suggested by the folks at Food Network:

  • Texas chili
  • Chips and guacamole
  • Jalapeno poppers
  • Cowboy nachos
  • Sticky chicken wings
  • Hoagie dip
  • Meatball subs
  • Empanadas

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