The Most Searched Recipe in Every State

February 06, 2019 | Food Lion
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The Most Searched Recipe in Every State

Let’s talk about recipes. Good recipes, bad recipes, long recipes and short recipes. Some of us swear by them and cannot cook without one. Others like to freestyle in the kitchen and make their meals up as they go along. Either method is completely okay…well, as long as the result tastes good!

Each region, or even each state, has a different take on what makes a good recipe. That’s what makes the food culture here in the US so amazing. Communities we live in thrive when information and ideas are shared. Why should sharing recipes be different? Let’s break down Google’s most searched for recipes in each state where there is a Food Lion store and learn what each state is craving the most.


Would you believe it if you found out the most searched for recipe in the state of Delaware was Baked Salmon? This makes some sense though since so much of the state borders the Atlantic Ocean. For all those that are currently thinking about trying this recipe out, fear not! This easy recipe gets healthy greens and protein on your table in less than 30 minutes. Check out this delish Roasted Salmon with Kale and Cabbage recipe found on our website.


Right in the middle of awesome southern cooking country, it’s very hard to find a bad meal in Georgia. The one that rises to the top is squash casserole. We’ve got a tasty twist to your classic squash casserole and this savory dish packs a cheese and buttery flavor punch. Without bread crumbs and just enough Ritz crackers to hold it together, it's much prettier than the typical squash casserole. Fresh Sliced Squash Casserole is a winner.


There's more to this fried-chicken-loving state than meets the eye! While local Kentuckyans may love their bluegrass music and derbies, they searched the most for Vegetable Soup recipes. Show-stopping hats aren't the only thing that will turn heads in this state. Try this Food Lion recipe for Chicken Meatball and Vegetable Noodle Soup for a tasty twist on a classic. 


Would anyone like to guess the main ingredient in the most searched for recipe in Maryland? If you guessed crab you are right, nicely done. Maryland is famous for their delectable crab dishes and the most searched for dish in Maryland is Crab Dip. Try making it this upcoming weekend get-together or just a middle-of-the-week treat. Whatever the occasion, head on over to our recipes page and try our Slow Cooker Crab Dip for yourself.

North Carolina

Snow certainly isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of North Carolina. So maybe North Carolinians are just curious since their top searched recipe is Snow Cream – a sweet combination of sugar, milk, vanilla and real fresh snow! However, if you are lacking snow, check out our Ice Cream Sandwich Delight recipe instead! Indulge in layers of rich chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped with candy crumbles and chocolate syrup drizzle. It’ll be a nice treat on a snowless winter day.


If you thought cheesesteaks would be the most searched recipe in Pennsylvania, think again! The Keystone State enjoys asparagus! Surprised? Even though Pennsylvania is home to a lot of American's favorite snack foods, locals prefer veggies over sweets. For a festive twist on plain ol' asparagus, spice things up with this Pomegranate Almond Asparagus recipe.

South Carolina

The southern part of the Carolinas. Comfort food is a huge part of the cuisine and that’s exactly why Chicken Bog is the most searched for recipe. If you’re wondering what Chicken Bog is, you’re probably not alone. Imagine a chicken version of Jambalaya minus the Cajun flair. It’s a wonderful combination of chicken, sausage, rice and spice. If you think you might like Chicken Bog, whip up our One-Pot Lemon Herb Chicken and Rice.


The Volunteer State or the hashbrown casserole state? This is the question the friendly folks from Tennessee are asking. Are you trying to find the best hash brown casserole recipe, too? Look no further. Our Instant Pot Hashbrown Casserole will be the hit of the meal. Serve with hot sauce and enjoy!


Virginia, quite like Delaware, borders the Atlantic Ocean. One more thing Virginia has in common with Delaware? Their curiosity for recipes involving salmon. You can’t blame them though, salmon is quite scrumptious and can be paired with an assortment of sides. Check out these Oven Fried Salmon Cakes. Eat them on their own or get a little creative and put together a nice sandwich!

West Virginia

Country roads, take us home, to the place of Meatloaf? Indeed. West Virginia’s most searched for recipe is a classic dish. Love it or hate it, Meatloaf is a filling dish that will leave you satisfied for hours. It is hearty enough to have on a chilly night, warming you up from those cold wintery winds. Our Veggie and Turkey Meatloaf with Balsamic Glaze checks off all the previously mentioned qualities and we bet you haven’t had it like this before.

That was quite the search list! Did any of the recipes surprise you? Try some different regional tastes right in your own home. Let us know which of our suggested recipes you’ve tried or plan on trying after reading this, we’d love to hear from you.


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