Tips for Holding a Backyard Potluck Camping Party

March 29, 2018 | Food Lion
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After a busy week and a long winter, a casual backyard potluck with good friends and loved ones is a nice way to unwind and welcome in spring. Even a casual meal seems like a celebration when you're surrounded by the people you love and you're having fun in the warm outdoor air. The arrival of sunny weather provides the ideal chance to take the fun outdoors for a backyard camping party. Here's how to get started planning.

Create a Backyard Campground

It's easy to set the scene for this type of party because it's all about creating a casual, relaxed ambience. A screen-style tent makes an ideal focal point, and it's a great spot to set up a table for the food. To add an extra-cozy touch, set up seating around a fire pit with plenty of spots to put food and drinks between seats. Display some potted plants or string lights to make the backyard look even more like a foliage-filled campsite among the stars.

Planning an Outdoorsy Potluck

The easiest way to plan this type of gathering is to put together the foundation of the meal and ask each guest to bring an appetizer or a dessert. Plan a meal that combines your favorite fresh, seasonal ingredients with updated, lighter twists on some classic cookout favorites like Cheeseburger Lettuce Wraps instead of burgers with buns.

Asking guests what kind of appetizer or dessert they plan to bring is helpful for ensuring you don't end up with duplicated dishes. It's also helpful to have a few suggestions ready for anyone who doesn't know what to bring. Things like nachos and Easy Strawberry Pie are always crowd pleasers, and you can also suggest they bring simple things like salad fixings or ingredients for s'mores.

Things to Do Outside at a Backyard Picnic

Keep the energy up by planning some fun things to do outside. For high-energy fun, look to games like badminton and croquet. Singing and storytelling are two popular and easy campfire-themed activities. According to Escape Adulthood, games like "There Once Was a Skunk" are the types of games that the entire group works together to tell, so these are ideal for helping everyone get into the camping spirit and bond. Also, roasting marshmallows while singing campfire songs is especially fun when the party starts to wind down.

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