7 Secrets for Successfully Traveling with Kids

October 02, 2018 | Food Lion
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Traveling with kids isn't easy. We break down what you need to have a successful trip from good snacks to bring on the plane to activities, must have products to the essentials.

Traveling with kids can be, well...challenging. Whether by plane, train or automobile, you never know what delays you may encounter or where issues may arise. Although we can't promise a perfectly relaxing travel experience, we can recommend a few things that might help you get through it just a little bit easier.

So here are some tips and suggestions on how to make traveling with kids a bit easier all around.

A change of clothes (for you and your child): Travel brings on the unexpected and whether that comes in the form of spills or nausea, you want to be prepared. It's never a bad idea to have a full change of clothes at the ready for you and your children.

Extra bags: It's also a great idea to have extra bags on hand, whether it be for soiled clothing or just for cleaning up or storing extra stuff. For wet or dirty items, we love the Itzy RitzyTravel Happens bags, complete with a wet liner inside and a cute pattern on the exterior. If you're in a pinch, grab a box of Ziploc bags or reusable shopping bags to help with extra storage.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks!: Hungry kids aren't happy kids, and food isn't always at the ready when traveling. Pack a ton of snacks, some that could even serve as a small meal as need be. Freeze-dried fruit, granola bars and trail mix are all great options. If your trip isn't too lengthy, throw some perishable snacks in a PackIt cooler bag that can keep things like cheese sticks, fruit, vegetables and hummus cold for the day. Throw in a few lollipops as well — they can help with ear popping on the plane.

Wet wipes: Food is a necessity, but it can be messy en route. Wet wipes are the best for so many reasons, from cleaning up spills to quickly wiping grubby hands after they touch a million different germ-ridden things. That's why they're something always worth having on hand for kids or adults. And, of course, if you have a little one, they're a necessity for diaper changes.

Headphones: Kids need quiet time (or is it the parents?) during travel, and having headphones can help with that. Whether you decide to use the iPad or just have them listen to music, it's a nice way to give them time to tune out and relax.

Lots of activities: This will vary by age group, but activities are key for every age. Younger kids will love having crayons and paper (just get the triangle crayons so they don't roll) and older kids will enjoy playing travel versions of the board games they love. Etch-a-sketch or some sort of wipe off writing pad is always a hit too. Mazes and word puzzles can provide hours of entertainment as well. If you're traveling in the car, it's nice to also do a few activities as a family like travel bingo or a simple game of I-Spy. Save a few new toys (they can be small, or toys they just haven't used in awhile) for them to open on the trip. The novelty won't wear off as quickly.

Something that reminds them of home: Traveling can provoke anxiety in kids, so having something that reminds them of home is always helpful. It could be their favorite teddy bear, their own pillow, a blanket or even a favorite toy. Something familiar can help settle the nerves.

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