Thanksgiving Tips

Shop Smart

  • Make a master list of what you will need and buy everything that won’t spoil as early as possible. Return for the perishable items a few days before you begin cooking.
  • Keep an eye out for coupons and sales so that you can take advantage of great deals on the necessities.

Get ahead of the game

  • Ensure all utensils and dishes are ready before you start cooking.
  • Determine what recipes can be made in advance and get those out of the way.
  • Stock up on storage containers and re-sealable bags.
  • Clean out your refrigerator to make sure you have all the shelf/drawer space your will need.

Prep the night before

  • Include prep time to identify when you should begin cooking. Allow extra time for recipes that require marinating.
  • Calculate cooking temperatures and oven /stove size to maximize cooking space and time.
  • Ensure you have multiple timers to keep track of dishes to avoid burning.
  • Wash all dishes, serving trays/bowls and utensils so that they are ready when you need it.
  • You can prep for your dishes by chopping up veggies and freezing them.

Celebrate store-bought items!

Don't hesitate to rely on ready to cook dishes, or recipes that feature packaged goods. Make it your own, with common herbs and spices you have in your kitchen, and no one will know the difference! The less time you spend slaving in the kitchen, the more time you have to enjoy your family and friends.