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Faces of Hunger

Elderly Gentleman

One in 12 seniors face hunger. At Food Lion, we believe everyone, especially seniors, should have access to affordable food, whether or not they can leave their homes to get it.   

Young Boy

More than one in five children face hunger. At Food Lion, we believe that no one, especially children, should face an empty plate. 

Military Troop

Each night, 130,000 veterans are homeless and hungry. At Food Lion, we believe that no one, especially those who have served our country so selflessly, should have to battle hunger.

Family Looking Out Window

One in six people face hunger, and too often parents are faced with tough choices when feeding their families. At Food Lion, we believe no one should have to choose between food and fuel, or formula and diapers.

Man Looking at Sky

Food Lion Feeds is committed to feeding those affected by natural disasters and other crisis.  

Assorted Produce

For us at Food Lion, relieving hunger is not just about eliminating the choices people make when they give up food, but helping them make the right ones too.

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