Solicitation Policy 

Through Food Lion Feeds, we have donated 500 million meals to families, children, seniors, military families, and veterans, and have committed to donate one billion more meals by the end of 2025. Food Lion values the contributions of the many volunteer and community groups and organizations that raise funds for important causes in the towns and cities we serve.

As Covid-19 and the delta variant continue to impact our operating areas, we have made the decision to amend our solicitation policy for the time being to ensure the health and safety of our Customers and Associates. At this time, we are suspending solicitations in front of our stores until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause, and appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.

Some additional solicitation guidelines to keep in mind include:

  • Solicitations are permitted on Saturdays only. Only one charity can solicit at a store on a given Saturday. Charitable organizations may solicit twice in a calendar year.
  • Organizations should continue to follow all COVID-19 protocols as directed by local and state guidelines. Food Lion has the discretion to postpone/rescind the permission if conditions worsen or the state implements stricter restrictions.
  • Bake sales, open food or drink, car washes and membership drives are not allowed. Food Lion also strictly prohibits any individual or group from petitioning or distributing any type of literature on our premises.
  • Solicitors are not allowed before sunrise or after sunset.
  • Solicitation is permitted to the right of the door entrance (facing the store) at least 15 feet from the doorway to enable customers to enter and exit the store comfortably.
  • Two solicitors may be present for each approved event. If the event is youth-related, two adults and two children should be present.
  • The area of solicitation should be kept neat, clean, and professional in appearance. Solicitors should present professional courteous behavior.

Food Lion reserves the right to deny access to any group or person at its discretion or revoke any access provided at the sole discretion of Food Lion management. No person shall unduly interfere with the normal use of our stores, including ingress to and egress from these stores, employees' work and customers' shopping. Further, the person(s) should not interfere with the operation of other businesses that may be located nearby. The Store Manager has the right to deny solicitation if the above procedures are not followed.

Please note all contributions are made at the sole discretion of Food Lion or its charitable foundation, Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation. It is our goal to ensure that all donations from Food Lion are provided to organizations that treat its constituents fairly and with equality, and that these organizations do not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

*A local Store is described as within a 10-mile radius of the organization's location.