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Dear Madelyn,

This morning I awoke at 5:00am to the sweetest possible sound your voice - singing the first line of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” over, and over again. I peeked into your nursery to see you sitting up in your crib, rocking your stuffed raccoon as if he was your own baby. Lately, you love to play pretend and Mr. Raccoon has been everything from your older brother to the co-pilot of your airplane. A few days ago, you spotted our neighbors playing jump rope and ever since then, you’ve been enthralled with the idea of jumping, I have never seen you so determined to to do something, and when both feet finally left the floor at the same time, you gave me the most excited smile and an enormous hug. Time is flying, my little one, and my hope is for you to be wrapped in comfort and surrounded by love. Even though you are growing, you are Always My baby™.


Your Mommy




Infant formula

Nourishing & gentle

infant formula

Non-GMO with ingredients not genetically engineered. Milk-based powders with iron. 0-12 Months Triple Care for Brain, Growth and Immunity. Convenient Scoop Handle which slides into a special slot in the lid.

baby Wipes

moisturizing & gentle

baby Wipes

Always My Baby flushable toddler wipes have the refreshing scent of Melonberry, are hypo-allergenic & alcohol free. Dermatologically tested

diaper box

breathable & absorbing


Absorbent core guards against leaks. Breathable to help keep baby's skin dry. Wetness indicator turns blue when wet.