Archetti Cookies package

Archetti Cookies


Archetti translates to "small arcs" in Italian. These archetti cookies with chocolate are a traditional Italian cookie. Fragrant and full of taste, they are ideal for a small tea break. Also delicious with pistachio ice cream.

Amaretti Soft Almond Cookies package

Amaretti Soft Almond Cookies


They say Arabs introduced the "Amaretti" in Sicily in the XIII century and from there it spread all over Europe. If the outer part of Amaretti is slightly crunchy, their core is soft and sweet. The bittersweet taste of Amaretti will want he heart of even the most demanding "gourmands". For a special cup of ice cream, pour dark chocolate cream over pistachio ice cream and garnish with a couple Amaretti.

Bruschetta Croutons package

Bruschetta Croutons


Unleash your fantasy and create your own bruschetta with your favorite ingredients or pair with our delicious fior fiore bruschetta spread for an appetizer your guests are sure to enjoy.

Green Olive jar

Green Olives


Green olives, roundish, with a soft and very tasty flesh. Perfect on their own for a snack or to garnish any Mediterranean salad. Chop them to prepare a great pasta sauce as well.

Bruschetta With Peppers jar

Bruschetta With Peppers


Everyone loves a good bruschetta and this product makes it even more enjoyable. All the basics with an extra kick of chili and bell peppers.

Spaghetti package



The best spaghetti from Italy. Of the highest quality, this comes from Gragnano, the birthplace of dry pasta in Italy.

Penne Rigate package

Penne Rigate


Penne Rigate is a classic of Italian cuisine, designed to mix perfectly with the sauces of fior fiore and comes from Gragnano, the birthplace of dry pasta in Italy.

Tomato and Ricotta sauce jar

Tomato & Ricotta Sauce


Tomato & Ricotta pasta sauce perfectly balances the distinct taste of fresh tomatoes with the soft and creamy impression of ricotta cheese. Enjoy paired with our Penne Rigate for an extra special dish.

Tomato Onion Basil Sauce jar

Tomato Onion Basil Sauce


Simple ingredients and simply delicious. Tomatoes, olive oil onion and spices make this pasta sauce authentic and real for the pasta lover!

Torinesi Breadsticks package

Torinesi Breadsticks


Stretched with care according to an ancient tradition, the Torinesi breadsticks follow a unique production technique to guarantee their characteristic crispness and golden color.

Crispbread With Olives package

Crispbread With Olives


Originally used as a simple bread-based snack, Crispbreads with Olives are crunchy, light, crispy and tasty, as though they came straight from the oven.

Balsamic Vinegar bottle

Balsamic Vinegar


Balsamic Vinegar, straight from Modena comes in a conveniently shaped spray bottle. Add a spritz of this balsamic vinegar to add just the right touch of intensity. It's a very dark, concentrated, and made wholly or partially from grape must, grape juice with all the skins, seeds and stems.


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Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Spread

Cream Cheese Spread with Pumpkin Spice has just the right amount of flavor to be added to your favorite bagel at breakfast time or use it in your favorite fall dessert recipe for a new twist on an old favorite.

Pumpkin Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Greek Nonfat Yogurt and Pumpkin Spice together is the perfect blend to this creamy and satisfying treat that is Gluten Free and carries 13g of delicious protein in every cup.

Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches

Celebrate the tradition of Pumpkin this fall with our creamy, decadent Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches. Lusciously smooth pumpkin ice cream sandwiched between two vanilla wafer cookies makes it the perfect treat to keep you in the spirit of the season.

Pumpkin Flavored Premium Ice Cream

Creamy and decadent, our Pumpkin Flavored Ice Cream has just the right spices to warm you up with this cool treat. As Pumpkins are the very core of fall flavor and decorating, this ice cream is sure to keep you in the spirit of the season!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Sandwich Cream Cookie

This year, celebrate the tradition with our rich and decadent pumpkin cookies with cheesecake filling. They're a combination of crunchy cookies with a creamy center - the perfect treat to keep you in the spirit of the season.

Pumpkin Orange Party Cups 18oz

Fall Favorites Pumpkin Plastic Party Cups, made for cold beverages come with 50 cups a pack, perfect to provide everyone at your celebration with a festive drink in hand. Now with easy grip ridges, these cups are extra strong to prevent cracks an splits.

Apple Liquid Hand Soap

Wash your hands with the scents of the Apple Season, remnant of the first bite of a juicy fresh picked apple straight from the orchard.