Brats are perfect for any occasion. So perfect, August 16th is a special holiday devoted to celebrating this quality sausage. Whether you host a picnic, a barbecue or a simple dinner on Bratsgiving Day, Johnsonville can help you make it a memorable time with family and friends. 

A spin on traditional holiday dishes for a Bratsgiving feast that's both tasty and unforgettable.

fresh products

Original Brat

The original "thrill for the grill" is a favorite at picnics and barbecues everywhere.

Cheddar Beer Brats

Great flavors of Cheddar and Beer in a juicy Johnsonville Brat.

Tips for grillin’ the perfect brats

  • Always grill them slow and low.
  • Use tongs, so you never pierce a brat when grilling.
  • When they are about done, the juices inside the brats will start to boil which causes it to whistle or sing. They should feel plump and firm when coming off the grill.