Tuscan Citrus Rotisserie Chicken

Our Tuscan Citrus flavor consists of Lemon, Oregano, Olive Oil, and Smoked Sea Salt.

Now Available in the Deli Dept

Orange Ginger Salmon

For this limited time offering, our chefs begin with the finest Atlantic Salmon. We glaze the fish with our sweet and fragrant orange ginger sauce made with real orange peel. This sauce is the perfect sweet and savory seasonal accompaniment to your seafood menu. Simply bake and pair with veggies. Enjoy!

Now Available in the Seafood Dept

Toasted Coconut Tilapia

For a limited time we are offering a unique way for you to be the seafood chef. We pre-season tilapia fillets with the perfect spices, a light coating of oil and include a portion pack of flavorful coconut breadcrumbs in each package. Simply sprinkle the crust over top of the fish. The coconut topping beautifully browns as it bakes and offers a fresh crunch without frying. Simply pair with veggies for a signature seafood meal.

Now Available in the Seafood Dept

Johnsonville Irish O' Garlic Sausage

The Irish O’ Garlic has a wee bit of garlic, a pinch of sweetness and a robust blend of secret spices give this sausage its sensational taste and is a limited time offer for all stores in March!

Now Available in the Meat Dept

Seasonally inspired appetizers, ribs, marinades and flavor-infused meats. They're fully cooked and ready to eat - just heat and serve!

But just like the specials on the menu of the finest restaurants, Food Lion's Flavor Sensations are constantly changing and only available for a limited time. 

So if you're looking for variety and exciting new creations, don't miss our one-of-a-kind Flavor Sensations.