Cajun Roast Beef

Slow roasted and tender, our Food Lion Cajun Roast beef delivers the big, bold flavor from Cajun Country. Rubbed with a signature Cajun blend of garlic, paprika and spice. It is then slowly oven roasted to offer a homemade, moist roast beef texture and mouthwatering taste.

Now Available in the Deli Dept

Honey Bourbon Rotisserie Chicken & Wings

Real clover honey and homemade molasses are blended with real Kentucky bourbon for and sweet glaze with a kick from the blue grass state. .

Now Available in the Deli Dept

Tequila Lime Sausage

Tender lean pork sausage seasoned with a blend of sweet and tart flavors. The hint of lime blends perfectly with the distinct flavor of tequila. Serve on its own or in your favorite recipe, this sausage is sure to please. Bold flavors turn this sausage into an instant sensation!

Now Available in the Meat Dept

Sangria Glazed Salmon

Enjoy this unique Summer seafood sensation! Sangria is a favorite light and fruity Summer refresher for sure. And, our chefs have paired it beautifully with the freshest salmon. You will taste the distinct grapey goodness of wine but then your tongue detects a cascade of fruit flavors like apple and orange. Simply prepare the fish and pair with your favorite grilled veggies or a seasonal berry salad.

Now Available in the Meat Dept

Sweet Asian Chili St. Louis Ribs

A perfectly seasoned and cured "fall off the bone" pork rib with Asian Style sweet chili sauce.

Now Available in the Meat Dept

Mango Sweet & Spicy BBQ Back Ribs

Tropical sweetness with a twist of spice!

Now Available in the Meat Dept

Cedar Plank Mesquite BBQ Salmon

For this limited time offering, our chefs begin with the finest fresh salmon. We season the fillets with our “low-and-slow” mesquite BBQ rub and place them on their own individual cedar plank - ready for the grill or oven. Why cook on a plank? Salmon cooked on a cedar plank remains incredibly moist with an all-natural sweet and smoky flavor. Simply pair with fresh veggies and lemon wedges.

Now Available in the Seafood Dept

Seasonally inspired appetizers, ribs, marinades and flavor-infused meats. They're fully cooked and ready to eat - just heat and serve!

But just like the specials on the menu of the finest restaurants, Food Lion's Flavor Sensations are constantly changing and only available for a limited time. 

So if you're looking for variety and exciting new creations, don't miss our one-of-a-kind Flavor Sensations.