Our authentic Hispanic products fit any taste and lend well to many recipes.

Perfect for those with a passion for food and dishes made from unique ingredients, these items are a great way to way to introduce your family to traditional, south-of-the-border flavors.

Stop by and pick up something new for dinner tonight! 



Goya's dry beans are high in protein and fiber,and contain no saturated fat. Simmer until tender for delicious, home cooked soups, stews, main dishes and Latin dishes such as rice and beans.



Maseca is made of 100% natural corn and is vital for proper nourishment provided through its high nutritional content, since the product is also fortified with vitamins and minerals. The product is synonymous with health and energy.



Jumex is the leading nectar in the United States and Mexico. It is the perfect size for families.



A unique blend of lime, mild chili peppers and sea salt that brings out the flavor of your favorite foods, fruits and veggies. It adds the perfect balance of zing to your food.



Add to chicken, tuna, potato or pasta salad. Use to prepare dips and dressings.




Aloe vera is a popular houseplant and medicinal herb. Many people drink aloe vera juice or use it in smoothies or fruit desserts. It is also possible, though, to cook aloe vera. It is popular in Asian, Latin American and other cuisines. The health benefits of aloe vera are said to be numerous. Some people believe it helps individuals with diabetes. The plant is reported to be good as a laxative and can provide relief from irritable bowel syndrome. Aloe vera is high in vitamins C, A and B-12, protein, calcium, zinc and magnesium. 

Cook the aloe vera. Simmer aloe vera with your favorite spices for about 1/2 hour. The aloe will probably shrink during cooking. Another option is to add the aloe vera to a favorite soup or stew recipe about 30 minutes before the dish is finished cooking. Some people boil aloe vera cubes in 1 cup of sugar with the juice of one lemon or lime for a refreshing, sweet treat.


Calabaza SQUASH

The Calabaza's flesh is orange, firm and moist with a taste similar to butternut or acorn squash. Use it to enhance the texture and flavor of soups, salads, sauces and breads. Calabaza soup can't be beat. 

Select slices or pieces with unblemished bright orange flesh. Select whole calabazas that are smooth and hard, heavy in comparison to its size. The stem should be attached and solid.




Cactus Leaves

Nopales, fresh or preserved, have been the main part of traditional Mexican cuisine, especially during lean days. 

To prepare, hold the pad at its base and gently scrape off all the spines and bristle on either side using a blunt knife. Wash in cold water and mop dry using a soft cloth. Then, using a vegetable peeler, trim away its excess skin at the nodules. Cut into small cubes or uniform strips (nopaliots) as you may desire. One may also buy freshly prepared ready to use diced pads or nopales (strips) from the stores.


Yuca Root

Although the root is very tough to peel, once you break through the outer layer, it can be made into fries, added to soups, stewed on its own with butter, salt and spices, or even pureed and made into custard-like desserts and cakes. 

This versatile root is the third largest source for carbohydrates in the tropics. Full of Vitamin C, potassium, folate and fiber, yucca doesn’t boast the same high-octane antioxidant properties as other roots such as beets, but still does its part in boosting your immune system and keeping your digestive system regular.


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