With Local Goodness, you get produce that's grown and harvested right in your local Virginia community. It's like taking a trip to your local farmer's market with the convenience of just stopping by your local Food Lion.  Get seasonal sweet corn, crisp apples, squash, and more—every day at affordable prices.

Because when you buy local, you're getting food that's fresher and better.


Local Produce


Oak Grove, VA

  • Began as a small "pick-your-own" operation in 1974, and since expanding, now uses state-of-the-art transportation and cooling methods to bring that freshly picked freshness to you.
  • Committed to supporting the Northern Neck Food Bank and also awards a $10,000 a year scholarship to students who pursue an education in agriculture.

Parker Farms provides these fresh products:


Timberville, VA

  • Supports the Capital Area Food Bank and its fundraisers in Washington D.C. to help bring food to those in need.
  • For over four generations, they've grown their crops in mineral rich soils of the Shenandoah Valley mountain ranges that give their produce its extraordinary flavor and quality.

Turkey Knob Growers provides these fresh products:

Local Meat


Goode, VA

  • Offers premium cuts which are seasoned with a secret blend of spices and sent to stores within days of being made.
  • Committed to providing food and other resources to relief organizations like Gleaning for the World and other local charities.

Gunnoe's provides these fresh products: