Local Goodness is like going to your neighborhood farmer's market—that's available every day in your local Food Lion. Pick up a little of what makes North Carolina special, all throughout the store. Get juicy strawberries, plump tomatoes, sweet potatoes, 100% whole grain granola, and more—all from local farmers and makers in your community.

When you buy local, you buy food that's fresher and better—while supporting your local community.



Ayden, NC

  • Located in Ayden, NC, Anne’s Dumplings has been taking customers back in time with their old-fashioned, homemade taste, without all the mess and time, since 1981.
  • Purchases as many local materials and ingredients as possible. Their main ingredient, wheat flour, is milled here in NC.
  • Sustainability has always been a priority for Anne’s. From green lighting and thermostats to energy efficient hot water heaters and freezers, they continually seek ways to be a beneficial contributor to the continuance of a viable, safe and comfortable world environment.

Anne's Dumplings provides this delicious product:

Flat DumplingsFlat Dumplings


Asheville, NC

  • Mission is to brew quality, award-winning beers and support local non-profits through community, sustainability and philanthropy.
  • A portion of the proceeds from their Long Leaf IPA benefits the Longleaf Alliance, the only nonprofit dedicated to solely restoring the Longleaf Pine ecosystem. For every case of Long Leaf IPA sold, one Longleaf Pine is planted.
  • Has supported their hometown neighbors through their Pints for Profits program for the past six years. Several nights per month they host an event where a portion of the proceeds of pints sold that night benefit a nonprofit.
  • On each of their cans, you’ll find the words “We Can So You Can.” Since their start, they have supported the We Can So You Can Foundation for their revitalization efforts in their community, mountains and rivers.
  • A portion of the proceeds from their flagship, Boone Creek Blonde, benefits Bee Downtown to support and maintain two AMB branded honey bee hives. Together, they are working to rebuild the declining honeybee population and promote urban agriculture right here in NC.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery provides this delicious product:

Long Leaf India Pale AleLong Leaf India Pale Ale


High Point, NC

  • Founded on the mission to bake the best tasting 100% whole grain granola made with real, simple, "good-for-you" ingredients.
  • Supports the local community by sponsoring events like the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Race for a Cure®.

Big Boss Baking provides this delicious product:



Raleigh, NC

  • Phil Ford, a Real Estate Appraiser and father of four in Raleigh, developed his Bone Suckin’ Sauce in 1987 while trying to re-create his mother’s recipe for a western NC-style barbeque sauce.
  • A family-based business, Bone Suckin’ Sauce was created by avid Food Lion shoppers. After the Ford family received their first 100 cases from their supplier, they traveled around NC doing in-store samplings and making sales in their local community and nearby states.
  • In 1994, the sauce won the “NC Battle of the Sauces” put on by the NC State Farmers Market and the NC Department of Agriculture. The event attracted more than 10,000 people whose rave reviews won the sauce best in sales records every year in the Winner’s Circle, the elite category of past 1st Place Winners.

Bone Suckin’ Sauce provides these delicious products:

Seasoning & Rub

Chicken Seasoning & Rub

Cajun Seasoning & Rub

Bone Suckin'SauceBone Suckin'Sauce

Bone Suckin'Sauce Thicker StyleBone Suckin'Sauce Thicker Style


Kittrell, NC

  • Based on sacred traditions, like southern fried chicken, Buffaloe Milling was founded in 1854 out of necessity for members of the Kittrell community. Neighbors would bring their corn to the mill to be ground into corn meal, giving a small toll of corn meal as payment. The mill has changed hands several times since its humble beginnings, but has currently been in the same family since 1950.
  • The mill’s owner, and president of the Corn Millers Association, J Daryl Spencer, operates the Grist Mill each year at the NC State Fair free of charge to demonstrate how a grist mill operates, sharing hot hushpuppies with each person who passes through the Grist Mill exhibit. He also showcases products and hands out samples at the Dixie Deer Classic, Kinston BBQ Festival, Got to be NC Festival and Goodness Grows right here in NC.
  • Nourishes their community through the Salvation Army and Shriners International in addition to various product donations for churches, fire departments and fund-raising events. 

Buffaloe Milling Company provides these delicious products:

Plain Yellow Corn MealPlain Yellow Corn Meal

Chicken BreaderChicken Breader

Seafood BreaderSeafood Breader


Durham, NC & Lexington, NC

  • Bull City has grown from their humble beginnings in a garage with no air conditioning or heat to a proud member of the Durham community with state-of-the-art brewing equipment.
  • Reuses materials with historic ties to Durham including tobacco warehouse flooring bar tops and old, barn-wood plank walls.
  • Partners with local sustainability groups like CompostNow to host informational pop ups.
  • Only uses compostable plasticware when glassware isn’t an option.
  • Strives to be “the type of North Carolinians our mothers would be proud of,” donating to local charities and animal rescues and hosting adoption days, festivals and pint donation nights. 

Bull City Ciderworks provides this delicious product:

Off MainOff Main Cider


Faison, NC

  • Burch Farms volunteers pick, sort, and deliver over 5 million pounds of fruits and vegetables to food banks, churches, and other partners annually to feed the hungry.
  • Dedicated to sustainability practices like conservation and preservation to ensure that farm land is available for generations to come.

Burch Farms provides these fresh products:

Sweet PotatosSweet Potatoes



Pittsboro, NC

  • A unique blend, unexpectedly made with a sweet potato base and a secret concoction of spices to create a zesty topping for chicken, beans, burgers, and more.
  • Their "Carolina Collaborations" with local companies like Cheerwine®, bring you Cackalacky Sweet Cheerwine Sauce and other delicious pairings.

Cackalacky provides these delicious products:

Sweet Cheerwine SauceSweet Cheerwine Sauce

Spicy SauceSpicy Sauce


Salisbury, NC

  • Created in 1917 in our hometown, Salisbury, NC, by a general store owner named LD Peeler, Cheerwine has been delighting southerners for more than a century.
  • Nicknamed the “Nectar of NC”, Cheerwine’s secret recipe pairs perfectly with BBQ pork, making it a true, uniquely-southern favorite right here in NC.
  • A partner since our start in 1957, Food Lion enjoys being a neighbor to Cheerwine and supporting our local community, together. 

Cheerwine provides this delicious product:



Lexington, NC

  • Childress’s distinct wine is made from sweet Muscadine grapes, which are native to NC.
  • Richard Childress saw a gap in NC agriculture with the fall of tobacco farms and aimed to fill that gap with his winery. He brought over 100 jobs to his local community.
  • The Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma of the Triad area was founded in 2008 to fund research and improve trauma care for children across the United States.
  • Supports local military families through multiple fundraising events and promotions for Hope for the Warriors.

Childress Vineyards provides these delicious products:

Muscadine Sweet RedMuscadine Sweet Red

Muscadine Sweet WhiteMuscadine Sweet White

Muscadine Sweet BlushMuscadine Sweet Blush



Winston-Salem, NC

  • Since 1930, Dewey’s Bakery has produced deliciously sweet and savory treats that reflect the local flavors of their hometown, Winston-Salem.
  • Today, they are a beloved part of the Winston-Salem community and have a passion for creating moments that bring people together to slow down, celebrate life and enjoy the moment.
  • Dewey’s fundraising program has helped nonprofits across NC raise over $2 million in the past 6 years.
  • Creator and presenting sponsor of the Living Your Best Life speaker series, which raises $250,000 each year for Trellis Supportive Care.

Dewey’s Bakery provides these delicious products:

Meyer Lemon Cookie ThinsMeyer Lemon Cookie Thins

Toasted Coconut Cookie ThinsToasted Coconut Cookie Thins

Triple Ginger Lemon Cookie ThinsTriple Ginger Lemon Cookie Thins


Rose Hill, NC

  • Duplin Winery is known as “The Winery of the South.” Grape growing families, together with Duplin associates, work hard growing, bottling and selling sweet wines made from deliciously sweet Muscadine grapes that only grow in the Southeast, and especially well in the Carolinas.
  • Strives to make a difference in their community through charity work with Fisher House Foundation, Operation Homefront, East Carolina University, The University of NC, Methodist Children’s Home and more.
  • Duplin is committed to sustainable environmental practices and is the only winery in NC that is state-permitted to turn millions of gallons of wastewater into clean water every year.

Duplin Winery provides these delicious products:

Hatteras RedHatteras Red

Carolina RedCarolina Red


Winston-Salem, NC

  • Since 2005, Foothills Brewery has woven itself into the fabric of the Winston-Salem community. It’s not only one of the top craft beer brands in NC, but its pub and tasting room provide communal centerpieces for friends and family to gather.
  • Supports local causes by brewing a uniquely different IPA that’s named for a cause or need each month. This series of beers, called Craft Happiness Project, brings awareness and advocacy to different needs throughout the community and state. The program does exactly what its name implies; crafting happiness for people, animals and the environment in NC and beyond.
  • Focuses on sustainability and even distributes the spent grain from their brewing process to local cattle farmers who use it as an alternate, more beneficial food for their livestock.

Foothills Brewing provides these delicious products:




Nashville, NC

  • George’s Sauces is a small, family-owned business that has produced classic Carolina-style sauces for over 40 years. From a dirt-floor garage to today’s factory, George’s has always stuck to their roots producing every sauce by hand.
  • Gives back whenever possible by partnering with local churches, non-profits, mission projects and community in a variety of outreach activities. They find joy in using their brand to help support those in and around their community.
  • Makes an effort to recycle as many raw materials used in production as possible.

George's Sauces provides these delicious products:

Original BBQ SauceOriginal BBQ Sauce

Hot BBQ SauceHot BBQ Sauce

Special BBQ SauceSpecial BBQ Sauce


Snow Hill, NC

  • Passionate about nourishing their community by providing their simple ingredient flours and powders, helping farmers and donating to those in need.
  • Created by a brother and sister team to ensure farmers have a home for all their crops, and to help those in need. They partner directly with NC farmers to find a home for all their fruits and vegetables and have purchased over 500,000 pounds of fresh produce from farmers that would have been thrown away because of odd shape or size.
  • Has donated over 46,000 pounds of healthy foods to those in need across Central and Eastern NC through their Pound for Pound donation program where for every pound of product they sell, they donate a pound of food to hungry neighbors in NC.

Glean provides these delicious products:

Pumpkin GoodnessPumpkin Goodness

Sweet Potato GoodnessSweet Potato Goodness


Winston-Salem, NC

  • In 1972, Golding Farms started manufacturing Mrs. Campbell’s Chow Chow, a Winston-Salem-based, NC-classic. Since then, Golding Farms has created thousands of recipes for deliciously Carolina sauces and condiments.
  • Partners with Second Harvest Food Bank for direct food item donations.      
  • Bottled in recyclable glass jars.

Golding Farms provides these delicious products:

Hot Chow ChowHot Chow Chow

Sweet Chow ChowSweet Chow Chow

Clover HoneyClover Honey


Winston-Salem, NC

  • A family-born company from Winston-Salem, Hiatt’s Canning Company has been crafting and pickling their finest recipes for over 45 years.
  • Mabel Hiatt started the company stuffing peppers with cabbage in her home kitchen, creating a “taste of the country” to sell at local stores.
  • Uses only the best ingredients and does all of their prepping and packaging by hand, just like Mabel used to. 

Hiatt's Canning Company provides these delicious products:

Chow ChowChow Chow

Shotgun BettyBread and Butter Pickles

Jalapeno Pickled EggsJalapeno Pickled Eggs


Asheville, NC

  • As Asheville’s original craft brewery, Highland is a family-owned brewery with a longstanding NC heritage and an authentic connection to the Asheville community.
  • Each seasonal Highland beer is named for a land feature protected by the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy. At each beer’s release party, $1 per beer is contributed to permanent land conservation efforts.
  • Donates to over 125 charitable organizations each year by hosting a non-profit partner each month in addition to a race that benefits greenway development.
  • Passionate about their sustainability. On a sunny day they offset over 100% of their power with their solar array and also reuse everything they can, from concrete and pallets to water.

Highland Brewing Company provides this delicious product:

Gaelic AleGaelic Ale


Four Oaks, NC

  • One of America’s oldest food companies with origins dating back to 1812. The founding family migrated from England to Newton Grove, NC where they introduced NC’s first gristmill operation, a technique still in use today.
  • Delivers Southern Crafted Goodness® by putting families first. They support their community in many ways, from sourcing quality, local ingredients whenever possible to craft the traditional, southern flavors of their products to cultivating a community garden to benefit both their employees and their neighbors.
  • The military is close to House-Autry’s heart. They work with Military Missions in Action, a local non-profit, to support both active duty and veterans of the armed forces. Through this partnership they have helped provide home modifications for disabled veterans, care packages for active duty service members and much needed supplies for homeless veterans across NC.

House-Autry provides these delicious products:

Buttermilk BiscuitButtermilk Biscuit

Chicken BreadingChicken Breading

Seafood BreadingSeafood Breading

Buttermilk CornbreadButtermilk Cornbread

Sweet Yellow CornbreadSweet Yellow Cornbread

Yellow Corn MealYellow Corn Meal

Yellow Self-Rising Corn MealYellow Self-Rising Corn Meal

Hushpuppy MixHushpuppy Mix

Hushpuppy Mix with OnionHushpuppy Mix with Onion

Cocktail SauceCocktail Sauce

Tartar SauceTartar Sauce


Winston Salem, NC

  • Founded in Winston-Salem, NC, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has been making their world-famous doughnuts since 1937 from a secret recipe created by a New Orleans French chef.
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts have been enjoyed by generations. Each box guarantees a fresh, high-quality product that has been carefully crafted, making them uniquely suited to be shared with family and friends.
  • Began their fundraising program in 1955 to help schools, churches, community groups and others reach their goals.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts provides this delicious product:

Glazed DoughnutsGlazed Doughnuts


Spindale, NC

  • As one of NC’s oldest grist mills, family-owned Lakeside Mills has been producing Southern-style cornmeal and flour products since 1736.
  • Sources a majority of their grains from local farmers who have been growing crops for their mill for decades.
  • Provides numerous grants supporting local education systems and sports programs.
  • Donates to local fire departments, food banks, social organizations and churches.

Lakeside Mills provides these delicious products:

Yellow GritsYellow Grits

White Corn MealWhite Corn Meal


Charlotte, NC

  • Born in Charlotte over 100 years ago, Lance uses real ingredients in all of their cracker and snack varieties – including house-made peanut butter and real cheese.
  • Committed to sustainable business practices, such as conserving natural resources by using recycled materials and renewable products.
  • Contributes financially to the Celiac Disease Foundation and participates in Celiac Awareness Month each May.
  • Donates products to Treat Our Troops in partnership with NC Packs 4 Patriots. 

Lance provides this delicious product:

Toast CheeToast Chee


Advance, NC

  • Formed in 1990, Le Bleu is one of the purest waters on the market and is recommended by doctors and nutritionists worldwide for its taste and purity.
  • Supports their community at many 5Ks, bike rides, golf tournaments, charity fundraisers and more.
  • Provides disaster relief efforts throughout the Southeast.

Le Bleu Water provides this refreshing product:

Purified WaterPurified Water


Louisburg, NC

  • Family owned and operated company based in Louisburg, NC that produces popular brands including Carolina Treet, Smoky Mountain and Aunt Bertie’s.
  • Has offered iconic southern brands, and the legacy they represent, to local families for over 100 years.
  • Manufactures their products locally.
  • Partners with Carolina-based businesses to source ingredients, contributing to the quality of their brands.

Legacy Family Foods provides these delicious products:

Cooking BBQ SauceCooking BBQ Sauce

Raspberry Sweet TeaRaspberry Sweet Tea

Peach Sweet TeaPeach Sweet Tea

Sweet TeaSweet Tea

No Calorie SweetenerNo Calorie Sweetener


Charlotte, NC

  • In 1998 “Lucky Lindy” started crafting his family’s secret Italian ice recipes using fresh fruit and selling cups from a street cart in his Charlotte, NC neighborhood.
  • Lindy’s is still made in small batches, so you get that authentic Italian ice texture that’s bursting with refreshing flavor just like you’d find in Italy.

Lindy's Italian Ice provides these delicious products:

Mango PineappleMango Pineapple


Watermelon StrawberryWatermelon Strawberry


Raleigh, NC

  • Hail Mary was born in Raleigh, NC using the canning tomato juice recipe of the owner’s grandmother.
  • The secret ingredient of “Grandma Edna's” juice made the perfect base for Hail Mary, creating a delicious, low-sodium mix made from fresh-juiced tomatoes and all-natural ingredients.
  • Hail Mary supports their local community by participating in local festivals around the triangle area, connecting with current customers and meeting new ones. 

Midtown Mixes provides this delicious product:

Hail Mary MixHail Mary Mix


Mount Olive, NC

  • Named after their hometown of Mount Olive, NC, Mt. Olive was established over 90 years ago by local businesspeople who saw opportunity in their community’s wasted cucumber crops.
  • Today, Mt. Olive is the #1 pickle brand in the U.S. 
  • Maintains a strong commitment to serving local food banks and charities throughout Eastern and Central NC through volunteer hours and donations. 

Mt. Olive provides this fresh product:

Kosher Dill SpearsKosher Dill Spears


Asheville, NC

  • Helped lay the foundation for other breweries and organizations to support environmental and philanthropic efforts in their company.
  • Donated over one million dollars to local nonprofits through grant programs and community events in NC alone.
  • 100% employee owned, employing 135 people in NC.
  • The first brewery to measure their carbon footprint, they use solar power and generate electricity from waste water.
  • Built their LEED Certified Asheville Brewery on a brownfield site in 2016, helping restore the stream and recovering 97% of the materials that were deconstructed.
  • Fat Tire is a 1% for the planet brand, meaning 1% of the profits are donated to environmental causes.
  • NBB is a B Corp, meaning they have passed a rigorous certification to be socially and environmentally conscious.

New Belgium Brewing Company provides these delicious products:

Dayblazer Easygoing AleDayblazer Easygoing Ale

Fat Tire Amber AleFat Tire Amber Ale


China Grove, NC

  • Providing our customers with the highest quality produce, plants and service at a competitive price.
  • Committed to continuous improvement and involvement to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Grows about 45 acres of strawberries each year.

Patterson Farm provides these fresh products:





Newton, NC

  • Since 1935 Renwood Mills has been converting local grains into quality flour, corn meal and baking mixes in Newton, NC, carefully milling each small batch of grain using time-honored milling practices.
  • Renwood has relationships with approximately 250 local farms in and around NC, many of which have supplied them for years.

Renwood Mills provides these delicious products:

Southern BiscuitSouthern Biscuit

Cornmeal Mix YelowCornmeal Mix Yelow

Corn Meal Mix WhiteCornmeal Mix White


Goldsboro, NC

  • Created in Goldsboro, NC in 1942 and has been in Food Lion stores for more than 48 years.
  • Each year, Scott’s donates their sauce to the local Boys and Girls Club's “Pig in the Park” fundraising project.
  • During the last two hurricane disasters, which flooded many areas of NC, Scott’s provided their sauce to several "help centers" to season food for the needy. 
  • Supplies their sauce at a reduced cost to local volunteer fire stations for their annual pig "cook-offs" to aid in their fundraising efforts.  

Scott's Barbecue Sauce provides this delicious product:

Scott's BBQ SauceScott's BBQ Sauce


Winston Salem, NC

  • Sunshine is a delicious pick-me-up of good energy created in the Carolinas.
  • Wag & Shine is Sunshine’s initiative to support dog-related causes.
  • Partners with their local Humane Society and 4 Paws For Ability, a national organization dedicated to placing task-trained service dogs to children with disabilities and veterans all over the country.

Sunshine provides these delicious products:

Energy DrinksEnergy Drinks


Winston-Salem, NC

  • Texas Pete was born when the Garner family of Winston-Salem, NC introduced the bold, spicy flavor of Texas to their BBQ stand customers who requested a spicier sauce in 1929.
  • Family-owned and operated for four generations.
  • Partners with local programs including the Food Bank of Northwest NC, Habitat for Humanity, World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry, all of which support families in need.

Texas Pete provides this delicious product:

Hot SauceHot Sauce


Mooresville, NC

  • Uncle Scott joined with his friends and family to create a refreshing, old-fashioned root beer made with all-natural ingredients.
  • All ingredients in Uncle Scott’s Root Beer are sustainable, and the bottles, labels and caps are produced locally.
  • Runs an all-natural farm where they grow fruits, vegetables, wild flowers and herbs using no chemicals or sprays while practicing permaculture and sustainability.
  • Follows a grass-root philosophy focusing their efforts on the care and support of local issues, problems and farms.
  • Supports and donates time to local food banks, soup kitchens, 4H clubs and more.

Uncle Scott provides this delicious product:

Root BeerRoot Beer


Sanford, NC

  • Mrs. Fearnow’s Brunswick Stew is all-natural, delicious and prepared in just a few minutes. Mrs. Lillie Pearl Fearnow won over 40 awards for her Hope Farm recipe, which has been satisfying Southern neighbors for over 75 years. 
  • Practices sustainability by reducing their waste and energy footprint. They regularly sponsor non-profit and charitable partners, invest in their employees and support their local community by purchasing from local vendors.
  • Donates Mrs. Fearnow’s Brunswick Stew to multiple non-profit and charitable groups, including the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), the Lions Club and the Rotary Club for their fundraising events.
  • Donates food to local food banks and charitable organizations, including the Salemburg Christian Food Bank and the Chatham Community Church, to help serve those in need. 

Violet Sanford provides these delicious products:

Chili SauceChili Sauce

Brunswick StewBrunswick Stew


Product availability varies by store.