LaRae Chantel Gilliard, daughter of Emanuel and Lisa Gilliard was born and raised in The Elm City, New Haven, Connecticut. She is a Graduating Senior at Virginia Union University majoring in Religious Studies. LaRae served as a Resident Assistant of MacVicar Hall, a Young Life Volunteer Leader, she is a former member of the VUU Rah Rahs, and also sang in our university choir as a freshman in the Spring of 2014. She has volunteered her services at many places and events in the city of Richmond as well as her hometown New Haven, CT. LaRae always focuses on the positive outcomes of all that she has endured. With Christ as the head of her life and God always in her heart, her decisions are made with love and passion, with the goal of helping others. Upon graduating from Virginia Union University, LaRae dreams of formulating an outreach ministry to empower youth in urban neighborhoods and all who face Adverse Childhood Experiences. She lives by the quote "where your attention goes power flows.” LaRae Chantel Gilliard humbly serves as your Miss Virginia Union University for the 2016-2017 academic school year.