Campbell's Chunky® Spicy Soup

Fill the family right up and punch up the heat at lunch or a quick dinner with this spicy soup. Packed full of protein and flavor, this will surely be a pantry favorite to warm up your taste buds.

  • 13g of protein in each serving
  • Pairs well with tacos, sandwiches or as the main course

Iwon Organics

Looking for high quality, plant-based protein that will fuel your active lifestyle? Iwon Organics features protein from peas, beans and brown rice that provide flavorful, gluten free, organic protein products you can feel good about.

  • Gluten free
  • Flavorful, organic protein snacks with excellent taste and texture

S&W Heirloom Beans

New exceptional taste from heirloom beans. Jacob’s Cattle, Yellow Eye, and Pinquito variety beans provide rare, colorful, and flavorful plant-based protein to any dish.

  • Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly
  • Naturally Non-GMO & Gluten Free for exceptional taste and nutritional content

Pacific Can Soup

Pacific goes above and beyond and delivers a specifically plant-based, carefully crafted, certified organic in all of their soups. Look for Pacific for a hearty and delicious soup pick.

  • All soups are thoughtfully plant-based and hearty
  • Certified organic and carefully crafted for a premium soup selection

Swanson 4-Pack Broth

Superior broth flavor, perfectly portioned out in convenient packaging. Grab and go style with four individual cups of broth puts you a step ahead of the weeknight dinner rush without compromising on the Swanson flavor.

  • Broth is portioned and packaged in four individual broth cups for easy use-as-needed dinner prep
  • Packaged to please for soup and stew recipes, on-the-go cooking or even in a packed lunch

Taste of Inspirations Soy Sauce

Full-flavored soy sauce from one of our brands, Taste of Inspirations®. This premium soy sauce is produced using “honjozo”, the traditional Japanese brewing method resulting in a well-developed, rich flavor to stir frys, dipping sauces or as a go-to condiment.

  • Available as original or reduced sodium
  • Full-flavored soy sauce produced using traditional Japanese brewing methods for the ultimate umami punch