The Food Lion MVP Coupon Hub makes saving money convenient and easy. No clipping. Just load coupons to your card and scan at checkout. It’s that simple. Don’t miss out on these savings. Load your coupons today!

"It is so convenient to quickly load the coupons to my MVP card, then save money at the cash register. I don't always have time to sit down and cut out paper coupons. Coupon Hub saves me money and time."
--Nancy Ashmore

"I love the MVP coupon hub; here is why. First off all food lion brand items are priced very affordably, but in the hub you can load coupons for store brand items. You can also find great offers on products such as Pantene pro-v every month. Year to date saving between mvp special deals and coupon hub I've saved almost $1,200 and where I shop everyone learns your name and is always helpful. The only set back I have with food lion is my 6 year old girl really wants to borrow the lion just like in the commercial.
MVP loyal"
--Jennifer Williams

“The Coupon Hub electronic coupons couldn't make my saving food dollars any easier.  I "clip" the coupons from the website; no paper to buy, coupons to file and I can't forget them at home.”
--Neal Gilder