How do I sign up?

Visit and sign in with your MVP credentials. The Shop & Earn option will automatically be available under the Savings tab. Please note: this must be the same information associated with the MVP.

How do I earn rewards?

Click on the personalized offers that will be uploaded to the MVP Card. A 30-day period will be issued to earn the rewards. They will be listed under "My Wallet" option.

What if I use a different MVP card on a purchase?

Ensure you use the same Alternative ID and MVP card for every transaction.  If you use your Alternate ID, you will find the MVP card associated with it at the bottom of the receipt.

How do I update my information associated with my MVP Card?

Visit and login to your online account (or sign up for a new account). Click on your name to view your personal information. The pencil will indicate where you may "Edit" your account information, communication preferences and your favorite Food Lion. The MVP Account Number will also be displayed for viewing only. If you are unable to change this information, please contact Consumer Relations at 1.800.210.9569.

When do my rewards expire?

"My Wallet" displays the amount of rewards available. The rewards earned during the month will be available from the moment the reward was earned through the following month - 30 days to earn and 30 days to burn the reward dollars.

How do I redeem my rewards?

Rewards are redeemed automatically on the next shopping trip. 

Do rewards reset in the same month once they have been met?

Each reward is offered once for the entire month. If the reward is earned in the first week of the month, it will then be marked as redeemed at the next visit.

Who do I contact if my rewards do not automatically come off my purchase?

Please contact Consumer Relations at 1.800.210.9569.


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