30-Minute Huevos Rancheros Skillet Eggs

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15 minutes
15 minutes
This south-of-the-border classic is not only a crowd pleaser, but quick and easy to prepare, too. In just thirty minutes you’ll have a tasty dinner for two. Double this 1-star Guiding Stars approved recipe to feed the whole family or triple it and there will be enough to feed the whole party.


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  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Heat oil in a medium to large pan. When it shimmers, add onion and bell pepper and saute over medium heat until vegetables have softened. Add garlic and cook for one to two minutes more. Reduce heat to low, then add the chipotle pepper, tomato, beans, cumin and salt and stir until combined.
  2. Coat a 7” skillet with oil, and then place one to two tortillas on the bottom of the pan. Transfer the bean mixture to the skillet and spread evenly around the pan. Top with two eggs (you can use more if desired) and place in the oven for 10-12 minutes.
  3. When eggs are nearly at your desired consistency, sprinkle cheese on top and place the skillet under the broiler for 3-5 more minutes.
  4. Remove form the oven, allow to cool for a few minutes, and then garnish with avocado, lime wedges and cilantro. Serve warm, with extra hot sauce if desired.