Frosty Snowman Pretzels

October 30, 2018 By: Comments
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These sweet and salty treats are cute to look at, fun to make, and always a hit with the kids. Try this Frosty Snowman Pretzels Recipe!


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  1. Melt confectionary coating per package instructions (approx. 1 minute in microwave or using a double boiler)
  2. Cut 1/2 inch wide strips from Fruit Roll-Ups. Lay a strip down on your parchment paper lined baking sheet. Add a dab of melted white candy coating to the center of the strip. Press two pretzel rings on top.
  3. To really secure the two pretzel rings, add another dab of candy coating in between and on top of the two pretzel rings.
  4. Spoon some of the white candy coating into the center of the top pretzel ring.
  5. Note: Fill one or two of the pretzels at a time. You need to add the candy decorations while the candy coating is still wet. Once the coating hardens you wont be able to add the decorations as needed.
  6. While the candy coating is wet, add two mini chocolate chip eyes and one orange candy nose. Note: I use tweezers to help me easily place these candies in the wet coating. Just make sure you use tweezers that are only used for food.
  7. Spoon some white candy coating into the bottom pretzel ring then add three mini chocolate chip buttons.
  8. Fold both ends of the strip of Fruit Roll Ups over to create a scarf. Place your pretzel snowman in the freezer for 2-3 minutes, just until the white candy coating hardens.
  9. Create a nice assortment of Frosty Snowman Pretzels, reheating your candy coating as needed. Then allow the snowmen to warm up to room temperature and use a food coloring marker to add a mouth. Just draw on a curved line of dots under the nose.