Apple Pear Pie with a Browned Butter Pecan Streusel

June 15, 2017 By: Comments
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45 minutes
70 minutes
The sweet spices of fall mixed with the nuttiness of browned butter and pecan streusel. A great mixture of the smooth texture of cream cheese and the streusel makes it the perfect bite.


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  1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Make sure to set rack to lowest level so that the bottom of the pie cooks.
  2. While prepping the filling leave the cream cheese and your refrigerated pie crusts on the counter to come up in temperature slightly. We do not want them room temperature, but warm enough to work the dough and cream cheese.
  3. Slice your apples and pear into evenly shaped and sized slices. Place in a bowl with lemon juice to stop from browning.
  4. To the bowl of fruit add the sugar, spices, and flour.
  5. Mix the apples, pear, and spice mix to well coat the fruit. Let sit out while preparing the next steps so the fruit macerates and produces some juice.
  6. Once the refrigerated pie crusts are warm enough to work, line a pie pan with one of them. You should be able to touch it and see a fingerprint. That is the sign it is at the right temperature to work with so it does not crack.
  7. Once the pie crust is in the pie plate, use your fingers to spread the cream cheese on the bottom of the pie crust. Be careful to not rip the pie crust! The cream cheese should be the right consistency to spread after sitting out during prep.
  8. Once the crust and cream cheese are ready in the pie pan dump the fruit filling into the pie pan on top.
  9. Cook at 375°F until pie edge starts to lightly brown roughly 25-35 minutes varies based on oven.
  10. Once the edge is browned, reduce heat to 350° F and cover the pie with aluminum foil so that the apples and pears will continue to cook. Cook for another 25-30 minutes. The apples and pears will be fork tender when the pie is done baking.
  11. While baking prepare the streusel top.
  12. First you will brown the butter. Time varies based on stove. Brown over medium/med-high heat until you see brown bits in the bottom of the saucepan. Once you see brown butter bits form and smell a nutty aroma remove it from heat and put it in another small mixing bowl. Let cool slightly 1-2 minutes.
  13. After cooling slightly mix in the light brown sugar until it is incorporated and not clumpy. Once it is mixed to an even consistency add in the flour, salt and pecans
  14. After roughly an hour of baking once the fruit in the pie is fork tender, spread the top of the pie with the streusel topping and bake for another 10 minutes.