Backwoods Calzone

November 08, 2016 By: Comments
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20 minutes
17 minutes
The next time your family is craving pizza, consider a calzone. It's like a pizza in a pocket. When you cut it open, all that ooey-gooey cheese and whatever meat you've added choose to add oozes onto the plate. Tasty calzones not only satisfy those tomato, cheesy, pepperoni flavors, but are also fun for the whole to make, even your young ones. And if the thought of making homemade pizza dough is intimidating, don't worry: this "backwoods" version of calzone calls for ready-made dough. Warm up a side of tangy tomato sauce for dipping.


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  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Sprinkle flour onto baking sheet to prevent sticking. Spread dough over flour in large circle.
  2. Drain any liquid from ricotta. Then mix cheeses together in large bowl.
  3. Spoon cheese onto middle of dough. Add pepperoni. Fold dough halfway over ingredients and seal edges.
  4. Bake for at least 15 minutes, watching carefully for dough to brown. For crispier calzone, add 1-2 minutes to baking time.
  5. Heat marinara and serve in little bowls to pour over calzone or for dipping. Sprinkle Parmesan, cut into sections and serve.