BBQ Boost

June 25, 2015 By:
10 minutes
5 minutes
It's easy to give any jar of barbecue sauce a boost to make it interesting for your friends and family. Here are three ways to jolt that boring jar of barbecue sauce into a tasty treat. It takes just minutes to create a little dipping cup of each to give diners a few choices. All you need is a jar or bottle of regular or original barbecue sauce and a few items you probably already have in your kitchen.



  1. BBQ Boost 1: Spicy 1 cup BBQ sauce 1 teaspoon Siracha 1 tablespoon Louisiana Hot Sauce Splash Woustershire Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning 1 jalapeno for garnish Heat BBQ sauce and pour into small bowl. Add all ingredients except jalapeno and whisk together. Sprinkle a generous amount of Chachere's atop the sauce. Garnish with the top half of the jalapeno and stem and serve.
  2. BBQ Boost 2: Asian BBQ Shortcut 1 cup BBQ sauce 1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce Splash of rice wine vinegar 1 teaspoon sesame oil 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger 1 green onion Bring soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, vinegar and sugar to a boil. Turn heat to medium and reduce until mixture becomes syrupy. While it is reducing, chop green onion and set aside. Heat ready-made BBQ sauce in a separate pot. Once hot, place in a bowl and swirl hot soy sauce reduction into BBQ sauce. Garnish with green onion and serve drizzled atop or mixed into chopped or shredded protein.
  3. BBQ Boost 3: Coffee & Chipotle 1 cup BBQ sauce 1 cup of coffee 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes or chipotle seasoning Prepare a cup of black coffee and set aside. Heat BBQ sauce and pour into a mixing bowl. Add 1/2 cup black coffee to sauce and whisk well. Taste and add more coffee for a stronger flavor. Mix in half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes or chipotle seasoning and garnish with remaining spices. Serve as a dipping sauce with or mixed into protein of choice.