Beach Spiced Asparagus

November 09, 2016 By:
4 minutes
5 minutes
Easy to prepare Asparagus, that offers a fresh taste with very little preparation. Perfect for all those long days at the beach when you don't feel like cooking too much but really want a delicious food.


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  1. Clean the Asparagus(breaking asparagus at about the 1/2 point on the stem) ,and clean the onion(taking skin off)
  2. Place Olive oil in a medium-sized fry pan, allow to warm, on medium-low heat
  3. Chop Onion, and place in pan with Oil
  4. Place Asparagus in Pan
  5. Add Spice To Asparagus and Onion
  6. Cover and allow to cook on medium low heat for about 5 minutes, so color of asparagus to change green colors(this happens quickly)
  7. Remove from pan, add to Pasta, or serve alone.