bobs 4 meat Italian Farmers stew

September 01, 2015 By:
35 minutes
3 hours
at hearty meat/pasta dish made with tomatoes and onions and meat,,,perfect for taking to work



  1. take sausage/ham/geneo and place in kettle with one cup of water (or more to cover) add minced garlic and minced onions-place on high heat
  2. cut fresh tomates into quarters removing tops but leaving skin on
  3. cut yellow onion into chunks-ADD to pot-reduce heat to med high and add can of tomatoes/basil/oregeno and sprinkle of nut meg
  4. in oven safe pan place ground Italian and broil with water covering meat-20 mins-remove and flip over and boil for 10--remove and cut into chunks--add to pot
  5. cook on simmer for two hours partially covered (lid not tight so steam/aroma escapes),adding water IF NEEDED
  6. after two hours add noodles and cook until noodles tender--serve with salad and Italian bread