Cheddar Bacon Pressure Cooker Cheese Dip

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20 Minutes
30 Minutes
Looking for an easy party dip recipe? Don't settle for store-bought. Save time with this pressure cooker, cheddar bacon ale dip & win over all your guests!


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  1. Lightly grease the pressure cooker.
  2. In a bowl, combine the cream cheese, the sour cream, and the garlic powder and stir until thoroughly combined. Place the mixture in the pressure cooker.
  3. Add the beer and most of the bacon (reserve a little for garnish). Stir well.
  4. Place the lid on the pressure cooker and follow the directions for your specific pressure cooker. Set to “pressure cooking” and set the pressure to High and cook for approximately 5 minutes.
  5. When it’s done cooking, use the “quick release” pressure valve (but be very careful and follow the directions to avoid being burned).
  6. Turn the pressure cooker onto the sauté setting, Normal heat.
  7. Add the Cheddar cheese, the Colby Jack cheese, the cream, the salt and the pepper.
  8. Stir frequently until the cheese mixture thickens (if you need to add a little flour to thicken it, go ahead and do so). This should only take about 5 minutes.
  9. Remove from the pressure cooker and place in a serving dish. Top with the reserved bacon and the green onions.
  10. Serve with soft pretzels, pretzels, or chopped vegetables.