Cheesecake with Homemade Warm Cranberry Reduction

June 07, 2017 By: Comments
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In what could be one of the most understated desserts for Valentine's Day, this creamy cheesecake with a homemade warm cranberry reduction looks like love on a plate. It's perfect for a chilly night in front of the fire. The allure is in the contrasting colors of the creamy white cheesecake and brilliant, deep bread of the cranberries.


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  1. For the cheesecake: Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Mix the eggs in a small bowl and set aside. Mix all remaining ingredients with a wooden or similar spoon until creamy. Gradually add in egg mixture and blend.
  2. Pour mixture into graham cracker crust and bake until cheesecake doesn’t jiggle when you move it. Let cool on counter for half an hour, then transfer to refrigerator. Let cool for 4-5 hours before serving.
  3. For the cranberry reduction: Once cheesecake has cooled and you are ready to serve it, boil 1 / 2 bag of fresh cranberries in a 1 / 4 cup of water on stove top in pan.
  4. Continue to cook them until berries begin to pop. Strain cranberries and in large mixing bowl, add sugar. Mix together. Spoon over cheesecake and serve while cranberries sauce is warm. Note: for second helpings the next day, simply warm what's left of the cranberry mixture and spoon over individual pieces of cheesecake.