Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

November 29, 2019 By: Comments
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20 Minutes
25 Minutes
Makes 30 Cookies.
Add a snap of mint to your winter cookies! Food Lion's recipe for chocolate peppermint cookies are the perfect choice for cookie exchange!


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  1. Makes cookies as instructed on the package. Once cooled, used various topping to decorate the delicious cookies!
  2. Cookie Idea - Dipping 1/2 of the cookie in the melting coating and then sprinkling crushed candy canes on the candy coating.
  3. Cookie Idea - Drizzling the melted candy coating and melted chocolate over the cookies. Then, topping with a sprinkle of powdered sugar & crushed candy canes.
  4. Cookie Idea - Melt the candy coating and the red food coloring to create a red candy coating. Top cookies with candy coating, then sprinkle crushed candy canes & powdered sugar.
  5. Cookie Idea - Dip 1/2 the cookie in the melted chocolate and top with sprinkles of crushed candy canes.