Chocolate Raspberry Swirled Mini Cheesecakes

November 14, 2016 By:
10 minutes
25 minutes
These miniature raspberry swirled cheesecakes have a chocolate base and are perfect for any special occasion. They are rich and creamy. Make them in chocolate cupcake liners for a special touch!


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  1. For the crust: Preheat the oven to 325º F. In a mixing bowl, stir together the chocolate graham cracker crumbs and sugar with a fork and, then pour in the melted butter and stir until everything is evenly moistened. Add a heaped tablespoonful of the crust mix to 15 paper lined muffin cups. Press the crust firmly into an even layer on the bottom of the muffin cup. Bake for 5 minutes and then remove from oven and let them cool.
  2. For the raspberry swirl: Add the raspberries and 2 Tbsp of the granulated sugar to a food processor and pulse until they are well pureed, about 30 seconds - 1 minute. Press the fruit mixture through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl. Keep pressing until there are only the seeds from the raspberries left in the strainer. Set the mixture aside.
  3. For the cheesecake filling: In a medium bowl, first whisk together the granulated sugar and flour. Add them to the bowl of a stand mixer and stir in the cream cheese and lemon zest and blend the mixture until it is just smooth. Mix in the eggs one at a time. Add the vanilla extract and sour cream until everything is just combined.
  4. Divide the mixture evenly among the muffin cups over the crust layer. You will add about 1/3 cup to each muffin cups and they will be nearly full. Jiggle the pan to level the cheesecake filling and then put about 5 small circles of the raspberry sauce on the top of each mini cheesecake. Using a toothpick, swirl the raspberry filling into the cheesecake mixture to create a pretty marbled design.