Chocolatey Brownie Graduation Caps

April 20, 2021 By: Comments
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20 minutes
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Makes 20 Treats
Graduation is an exciting time for any student and their proud parent. Mark the occasion with a festive treat that’s sweet, easy to make and perfect for celebrating this significant milestone. Made with mini brownies, chocolate-covered cookies, chocolate frosting and candy-coated chocolate pieces (plus red licorice, too) these Brownie Graduation Caps are super chocolatey and delicious. So, satisfy your grad’s cocoa craving with a bite-sized dessert that’ll also sweetly honor your child’s achievement.


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  1. Apply a generous amount of frosting to the top of each brownie piece. Top with 1 graham cracker cookie.
    Mini brownies with chocolate frosting, topped with a chocolate-covered graham cracker cookie
  2. In the center of each cookie, place a small dollop of frosting and press a candy piece of your choice into the middle.
  3. Cut licorice into 2-inch pieces with kitchen scissors and then separate into individual strands.
    White plate with licorice separated into individual strands, whole licorice strips, mini brownies topped with graham cracker cookies, cutting board, white wooden counter
  4. Using more frosting, secure a single licorice strand beside the candy piece — these are the graduation cap’s “tassels.”
    Mini Brownies topped with chocolate-covered graham crackers, chocolate covered candies, and licorice strands on cutting board, bowl of licorice, chocolate covered candies, and mini brownies in background, white wood counter
  5. Optional: You may choose to add multiple strands to each “cap,” or match the colors of the candy pieces and licorice for a more realistic look.