Crock Pot French Onion Soup

December 31, 2018 By: Comments
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10 minutes
9 hours
6 to 8
This is an easy soup to make and it's super-delicious-very filling on a cold winter's day.


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  1. Place the butter and the onion slices in a large slow cooker, along with the sugar. Stir the ingredients, cover the slow cooker, and cook on high for approximately 1 hour, stirring occasionally.
  2. Add the salt, pepper, onion soup mix, water, and beef broth, then stir well. Continue to cook on low heat for about 8 hours or on high heat for 4 hours.
  3. Butter each slice of the French bread, top with the Mozzarella and Parmesan, and place on a baking sheet. Broil the bread for one to two minutes, then serve a slice or two with each bowl of soup.