Easy Hot Dog Trio

April 24, 2017 By: Comments
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The standard July 4th ketchup and mustard hot dog doesn' t have to be the same every year. Even chefs are hopping on the bandwagon, elevating the once lowly hot dog to new heights. After grilling your dogs to perfection, here are three ways to make an impression on your friends and family with a few simple additions.


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  1. Slaw and Chili Dog The secret to this flavorful dog is the simple slaw, combined with chili and mustard. Heat 1 can of Texas Pete chili in a small pot until bubbling. The slaw is made with just four ingredients: cabbage, mayonnaise, sugar and salt and pepper. Chop the cabbage in a food processor until very fine. Mix in mayonnaise, sugar, salt and pepper. Top the dog with the chili, then a generous helping of slaw and garnish with French'™s mustard. The slaw ˜sweats™ a lot of moisture from the cabbage so be sure to strain before putting on hot dog to minimize soggy buns.
  2. Okra and Cheese Dog Top a warm hot dog with shredded cheese. Don't heat the cheese or it will slide off the dog in a single heap of goo. Top the cheese with finely diced onion and liberally sprinkle the entire dog with Tony Chachere'™s Cajun Seasoning. Garnish with fresh or pickled okra. For an added pop of flavor, pop a dollop of sour cream atop the finished dog before adding your okra and seasoning.