5 minutes
1 minute
Homemade funnel cakes why not having a carnival anytime:)


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  1. Start off with oil in your pan covering bottom of pan 1/4 high on low to medium heat
  2. Mix up your pancake batter i use hungey jack pancake mix
  3. Pour your mixture into a icing pipping bag or if you don't have one of those use a zip lock bag and cut off tiny hole in corner. The smaller the better
  4. Squeeze bag mixture into the greese spreading in a circular motion. Think like a pretzel and do it fast! Or you will have a big blob:)
  5. Take salad tongs and flip when looks done on side usually only takes 30-45 seconds. Do same on other side.
  6. Remove from greese and sprinkle powered suger on it right away! Or it will not melt on it:) enjoy you just made carnival fun all by yourself and it was so easy!