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20 minutes
20 minutes
Is it a soup? Is it a salad? Is it a beverage? Who cares when getting your veggies from this Spanish-inspired recipe is this refreshing and delicious! Serve it with ciabatta and olive oil for dipping or with herbed goat cheese any time of the day or night.


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  1. Cut the cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, and red onions into 1-inch cubes.
  2. Add the cucumbers to a food processor and use the pulse feature until it is coarsely chopped. Remove the cucumbers. Repeat with each of the other vegetables, processing separately, the same way.
  3. Take care not to over-process.
  4. Combine the vegetables in a large bowl, add all other ingredients, mix well and chill.
  5. Since the flavors improve with time, you can make this a day ahead.