Ginger-Citrus Grilled Salmon

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30 minutes
20 minutes
NOTE: Buy wild-caught salmon if possible. Frozen is fine – in fact, frozen ocean fish is often “fresher than fresh” because it’s frozen at sea rather than transported for a day or three before it reaches the market. Do thaw the salmon before making this, though, if you bought it frozen. If you can’t find a large filet, you can use several salmon steaks instead. This recipe is also delicious with steelhead or halibut, and can be grilled over charcoal instead of baked.


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  1. In a large non-metal dish, arrange the salmon and cover with the sesame-ginger dressing (you may need more dressing, depending on the size of your salmon). Top with minced garlic, ginger, and fresh-ground black pepper. Let the salmon marinate for 15-30 minutes before baking.
  2. Preheat oven to 350º (or heat your grill) and move the salmon to a heavy skillet or baking pan. Slice the grapefruit into rounds, arrange it over the salmon, and drizzle it with a spoonful of the marinade. Sprinkle with brown sugar. Bake till just done and no longer – any fish filet will take about 10 minutes per inch thick; e.g. 20 minutes for 2-inch-thick filets. When the fish flakes apart and looks opaque and no longer translucent, it’s done.