Goetta Patty Breakfast

August 22, 2019 By: Comments
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13 Hours
10 Minutes
Makes (16) 2" Square Patties
Goetta is a popular breakfast meal, but you can make this flavorful recipe any time of day. Learn how to make delicious steel cut oat goeatta!


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  1. Turn the slow cooker to the “high” setting. Add steel cut oats, beef broth, water, seasonings, and bay leaves. Stir to mix, then cover and cook for 90 minutes. Check the ingredients after 60 minutes, and add more water if contents seem dry.
  2. After 90 minutes, add ground pork, ground beef, and onions. Stir to combine completely with the oat mixture. Turn the setting on the slow cooker to “low”, then cover and cook for three hours.
  3. After the goetta has cooked in the slow cooker, allow it to cool sightly, about 20 minutes. Line a quarter sheet pan with wax paper. Be sure to cover the bottom and the sides (pan should have 1/2” inch tall sides), then transfer the goetta onto the sheet pan. Using a spatula, spread the mixture across the pan until evenly distributed. The mixture should be 1/2” thick, filling the entire pan to the top.
  4. Press plastic wrap across the top of the goetta, and refrigerate overnight.
  5. To cook the goetta, heat a non-stick pan over medium-high heat. Carefully lift the wax paper from the sheet pan, removing the entire slab of goetta. Carefully slice the goetta into 2 inch by 2 inch squares.
  6. Cook the individual squares in the hot pan for 3-4 minutes per side, until browned. Be careful when flipping the goetta, and use a large spatula to do so.
  7. Serve with a fried egg for a hearty breakfast!