Greek Yogurt Layered with Fresh Fruit

November 16, 2016 By: Comments
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5 minutes
5 minutes
While not as fattening as a typical dessert, this fresh choice is full of healthful fruit and equally good-for-you Greek yogurt. (Tip: This dish does double duty as an outstanding breakfast option. Just add granola or nuts for a little crunch.)


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  1. Slice kiwi so seeds are exposed. Wash raspberries and dry in colander or on paper towels before dressing.
  2. Place a layer of slices of kiwi along sides of small glass or bowl. Drizzle honey over fruit.
  3. Next, spoon yogurt into bowl and add a layer of raspberries. Drizzle more honey over raspberries.
  4. Add another spoonful of yogurt, repeating the process until the bowl or glass is full.