Hearty Lentil Soup

November 17, 2016 By:
15 minutes
45 minutes
10 -12
Hearty lentil soup with beef and vegetables. A delicious and healthy meal the whole family will enjoy.


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  1. Coat the bottom of a six quart stainless steel pot with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and brown one 1 pound package of lean (80/20) ground beef.
  2. Add six and a quarter cups of water.
  3. Add 1/4 cup of dried parsley and one tablespoon of salt. Stir until mixed well.
  4. Slice and dice 3 medium carrots and two stalks of celery and add to water.
  5. Rinse lentils well and add. Cook on low heat approximately forty to forty-five minutes or until lentils and vegetables are tender.
  6. Serve topped with one tablespoons of shredded cheddar cheese if desired (kids love this).